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The Complete Guide To Techwear

The Complete Guide To Techwear

Hobbs & Shaw, the latest going-to-cross-a-billion instalment in the neverending Fast & Furious series, is many things. Loud. Ludicrous. Lacking in even a basic respect for Newton’s laws of motion. But it’s also an ode to a very particular, very nerdy strain of menswear.

When costume designer Sarah Evelyn needed clothes that conveyed just how ready her main characters were to get shit done, she trussed up foes-turned-bros Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson in Acronym, the near-mythical techwear brand founded in 1994 by Errolson Hugh.

Hobbs & Shaw

Those not yet immersed in Hugh’s tao of techwear may recognise the preternaturally young-looking designer for his bad-ass roundhouse kicks. But he’s even defter with a sewing machine. His clothes look like something you might wear to assassinate a future robot president, the utility trend taken to obsessive levels of detail.

They are also as hard to get hold of as a man who assassinates future robot presidents, by dint of both their price (its trousers can set you back a grand) and the fact that by the time one of its extremely limited-edition drops arrives online, or in one of its handful of retail partners, John Mayer or sci-fi author William Gibson or, yes, Jason Statham will probably have bought it all.

This culty, insiders-only aspect is one of the reasons that Acronym – and techwear more widely – has an intense and vociferous online community. In forums like superfuture, Reddit’s /techwearclothing, or in the comments of Instagram accounts like @ACRHIVE, men (and it’s a look monopolised by men) share pictures of themselves dressed like they’re about to parachute into Helmand Province, and compare notes on how different fabrics stand-up in particular weather.

What Is Techwear?

“I’m sure there are lots of definitions of what techwear is,” says Charlie Haywood, from Brighton-based menswear store (and one of only a few Acronym stockists) Peggs and Son. “But for us it is the blending of modern, man-made materials with advanced construction techniques, to create a new form of functionality. Think GORE-TEX PRO 3L and taped seams, laminated zips and ergonomic panelled construction.”

Stone IslandStone Island

This last point is important. To the untrained, techwear can look like a more pocket-loving offshoot of the kind of drapey, all-black clothing the Rick Owens and Yohji Yamamoto acolytes were wearing at the start of the decade. But techwear’s defined less by an aesthetic and more by an obsession – from both designers and wearers – with practicality.

“People are drawn to trends that offer a practical element,” says Fanny Moizant, co-founder of luxury resale marketplace VestiareCollective, who adds that sales for Stone Island (another big brand for techwear fans) are up 200 per cent. “The materials allow for breathability and temperature control, making them super-versatile, and they can be adapted for city life. Combining utility features with a cool aesthetic is something people want to buy into. It’s inclusive and adaptive.”

In that, it has certain overlaps with other real world-ready ways of getting dressed, like gorp- and warcore. But it also goes a lot further than just wearing a Patagonia fleece over your suit. Among Hugh’s many sartorial inventions are the ‘Sound Forcelock’ – a magnetic collar strip that holds your earphones – and a ‘Gravity Pocket’, which stores your phone in your sleeve and can drop it straight it into your hand. It’s clothing that draws on things that will keep you alive in the wilderness to make living in the urban sprawl more manageable.


“Hold an Acronym jacket in your hand and you can see the level of thought that goes into not only how it will keep you protected from the elements, but also how the wearer might use it,” says Haywood. “When it is done well, it is more like engineering than clothes design.”

The Techwear Look

A scroll through Hugh’s Instagram (he moonlights as his brand’s go-to model) or the #acrhive hashtag offers a techwear primer – mostly black, lots of layering and as many straps and pockets as you can get your hands on. But this is techwear taken to its Instagram-friendly extremes, and you don’t need to go full techno-ninja to pull it off.

“You can go full head-to-toe if that’s your thing,” says Haywood, “but as the trend can trace its lineage back to outdoor gear, you can easily just incorporate a jacket into a look.”

The Complete Guide To Techwear

guerrilla group the north face isaora

In fact, as inaccessible as it might seem, techwear is actually surprisingly simple to integrate into a wardrobe built around menswear’s core elements. “It has its roots firmly planted in three of the main pillars: sportswear, the military, and outdoor gear,” says Haywood. “That widens its appeal hugely as the jumping-off points are familiar.”

It can be as simple as subbing in a pair of Nike ACG cargo pants for your joggers, or swapping your bomber for a Stone Island Shadow Project hooded jacket.

Urban Ninja

The in-with-both-feet approach to techwear is half ronin, half replicant: think layering, drape and lots of stuff-friendly pockets. There aren’t many grey areas in total techwear – literally, almost everything’s all black – which means you need to play with silhouette to stand out. That doesn’t mean weird cuts for the sake of it (remember, techwear’s about practicality) but rather things like carrot cut trousers, which aid mobility without creating a trip hazard, or asymmetric pockets positioned for easier access.


Tonal Layering

You can keep the monochrome look, but lose the intensity of the special forces-looking stuff, by lightening up a bit. Greys, browns or even olive greens keep things muted, but are a touch more accessible than all-black. To keep it techwear, make sure to bake in practicality with things like heat-trapping layers near your skin, and pocket-heavy outerwear over the top.

Arcteryx VeilanceArcteryx Veilance

A Touch Of Techwear

The beauty of techwear is that you can add as much or as little as you like. Mixing traditional fabrics like wool with something more space-age, like GORE-TEX or poly-blends, gives even fairly traditional looks a bit of a futuristic feel. And when in doubt, just add pockets: chinos become cargos; a chore coat becomes an M65 field jacket.

C.P. CompanyC.P. Company

8 Techwear Brands To Add To Your Wardrobe


Hugh’s Acronym is both techwear’s original brand and its lodestar – where he goes, others tend to follow. His obsession with detail is legendary, perhaps encapsulated best by his re-engineered pocket – based on a parallelogram, it drops to a point at the bottom so that keys and change are kept separate from things that they can scratch, like phones or sunglasses.

The Complete Guide To Techwear

Acronym E-J2 - click to buy Acronym P16-AS - click to buy Acronym X Nike Air Presto - click to buy

NikeLab ACG

Until 2018, Hugh was also the man behind All Conditions Gear, Nike’s techwear sub-label. It’s now helmed by James Arizumi, who’s taken the brand in a more outward bound direction, but Hugh’s DNA remains in its mashing up of the technical innovations from all Nike’s other divisions – sweat-wicking fabrics, React sole cushioning, deluge-ready GORE-TEX – for pieces that work in the city and beyond.

The Complete Guide To Techwear

NIKE ACG JACKET W - click to buy Nike ACG hoodie - click to buy NIKE ACG Trail Panelled Ripstop Trousers - click to buy NIKE ACG REACT TERRA GOBE - click to buy

Adidas Y-3

The Three Stripes’s Yohji Yamamoto-helmed sub-line reworks his signature black-and-drapey aesthetic in an athletic context, with a focus on innovative fabrics and construction. Arguably most apparent in the brand’s sneakers, the techwear vibe also appears in things like its ergonomic backpacks.

The Complete Guide To Techwear

Y-3 OVERSIZE VARSITY LOGO TRACK TOP - click to buy Y-3 YOHJI LETTERS HOODIE - click to buy Y-3 CLASSIC CUFFED JOGGERS - click to buy Y-3 KAIWA - click to buy


The Brooklyn-based brand couples techwear’s practicality with an under-the-radar design ethos – think commuter chinos with in-built stretch and water resistance, or reinvented jeans made from Strongtwill, a nylon blend softer, tougher and longer-lasting than denim. Looks good, too.

The Complete Guide To Techwear

Outlier F.CLOTH HARD SHIRT - click to buy Outlier RAMIENORTH PIVOT - click to buy Outlier SLIM DUNGAREES - click to buy Outlier FUTUREWORKS - click to buy

Burton Analog

The snowboard brand’s boundary-breaking offshoot was one of Hugh’s early clients when Acronym was still a design agency. It’s still one of the most innovative labels in extreme sports, the first place to find the newest GORE-TEX fabrics married to Hugh-like details like headphone clips and quick-access pockets.

The Complete Guide To Techwear

Burton Analog Chainlink Anorak - click to buy Burton Analog Sparkwave Jacket - click to buy Burton Analog Gunstock Jacket - click to buy Burton ANALOG MORTAR Pant - click to buy


The Ukrainian brand is best known for its wrapping parka, which is slathered in removable pockets and can be flipped between a hip-length jacket and a knee-length parka jacket depending on the weather conditions. Aesthetic-wise, it lands firmly in the dystopian end of the the techwear spectrum – part apparel, part sci-fi cosplay.

The Complete Guide To Techwear


Stone Island Shadow Project

Stone Island’s skunk works is helmed by – who else? – Errolson Hugh, who keeps the Italian sportswear giant’s lab techs on their toes in the search for ever more innovative clothesmaking techniques. Think ‘Articulation Tunnels’, which let you adjust the shape of a garment on the fly, or dyeing techniques that give jackets an iridescent shimmer.

The Complete Guide To Techwear

Stone Island 20214 CATCH POCKET T-SHIRT - click to buy Stone Island 506A2 TURTLENECK KNIT - click to buy Stone Island 60406 INVERT BOMBER JACKET - click to buy Stone Island 30408 WIDE TROUSERS - click to buy

The North Face

Techwear for those who don’t want to go too deep down the rabbithole, North Face has you covered for any-weather fabrics and practical design details, albeit without all that cyberpunk styling. Stick to black, though, and its layers and jackets will integrate nicely with even the more directional stuff.

The Complete Guide To Techwear

The North Face KATAVI PARKA - click to buy The North Face DENALI FULL ZIP FLEECE - click to buy The North Face THERMOBALL ECO PACKABLE GILET - click to buy The North Face BASE CAMP FUSE BOX - click to buy

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Summer Fashion For Big Guys: Everything You Need To Know

Summer Fashion For Big Guys: Everything You Need To Know

Fashion can often feel like a club that’s shut to anyone who’s not sample size, with runways walked by the scarily thin and advertising populated by the tediously buff. Summer is its cruellest season, when those forgiving layers are baked off your body, and your wardrobe choices are reduced to a few feet of cotton.

But there’s opportunity hiding in what can look like a style desert. “If you get the basics right – like the fits that look best on you or colours that are flattering – then everything just comes together,” says Luke McDonald, a stylist at men’s personalised shopping service, Thread. “Dressing a bigger frame is all about playing to your strengths, rather than thinking you have to hide weaknesses.”

With that in mind, here are six summer style tips for bigger guys.

6 Summer Style Tips For Bigger Guys

Embrace Boxy Fits

Airflow is summer’s grail, but when you shop at the XL end of the rail, it can be tough to find. Because it’s cheaper, brands generally scale clothes up from a medium, rather than account for the different dimensions of bigger physiques, which is why shirts and tees can cling where they shouldn’t. Boxier fits are designed to hang away from your skin, whatever your shape, which works for your look and your body temperature.


Be Light With Your Layers

When it’s too hot to think, you can’t layer up. Which is a pity, because layers add structure and balance your upper and lower halves. But summer doesn’t mean you have to default to a T-shirt every day. Simple moves, like a short-sleeve shirt worn open over a vest, or a lightweight blazer with a tee, give your look shape and without blocking that all-important airflow.

River IslandRiver Island

Don’t Fear Colour

Sure, black is slimming, but in summer, it’s hot in all the wrong ways. Bright weather should be the catalyst for a lighter wardrobe, and not just because it reflects heat instead of absorbing it. “When the sunlight’s stronger, bold shades look better,” says McDonald. They’re flattering, too, especially if you match them to your skin tone and stick to block colours – busy patterns confuse the eye and can make you look bigger.


Get Some Texture

Cotton is summer’s default fabric because it’s breathable, absorbs sweat and you can just bung it straight in the wash. But all-cotton looks can fall flat because the fabric offers little depth. That’s where equally breezy materials like seersucker and linen come in – they’re full of texture, which means you can stick to simple pieces in block colours but still look put-together.


Freshen Up Your Prints

Block colours might be your mate, but you needn’t swerve pattern completely. Stripes are an obvious win for the bigger guy, but anything geometric can work, too, especially if you’re colour-shy. Things like polka dots, checks or even florals are a low-effort way to keep monochrome looks from slipping into uninspired. Not that you have to go black-and-white – muted colours like rust and forest green are still summery, but not dazzling. Just stick to pattern on either your top or bottom halves. Head-to-toe ends up a bit Magic Eye.


Add Statement Accessories

If ever there’s a time to go big on accessories, it’s summer. Sunglasses, hats, cross-body bags – they’re all warm-weather essentials that can make basic looks pop. Helpfully, they also come with no sizing issues. Shoes are equally powerful at turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. Just see how a killer pair of suede Chelsea boots can transform jeans and a tee from your laundry day outfit to a wear-all-summer signature.


3 Summer Style Icons For Bigger Guys

Jonah Hill

Those who have followed Jonah Hill’s blossoming into a street style don won’t have been surprised that the sometime Palace spokesman’s first feature as director is all about ‘90s skate kids. His summer fits tend towards sleeper streetwear – Palace’s less noisy tees, camp collar shirts from Japanese dons Wacko Maria – with the occasional jolt of something wild, like a tie-dye Grateful Dead tee or basketball jersey tucked into high-waisted trousers.

Jonah Hill

DJ Khaled

There’s a chance that, long ago, DJ Khaled had some fucks to give. But not anymore. Fittingly for a man as famous for his work on a jet ski as in the music studio, Khaled proves that nothing’s off-limits, even if you are carrying some timber. Wild Versace shirts? Wilder Gucci tracksuits? Bubblegum pink actual suits? All more than pull-offable if you accessorise them with the confidence of a man who won’t even let getting lost at sea harsh his vibe.

DJ Khaled

David Harbour

David Harbour – AKA Hawkins’s good-guy cop – broke free of head-to-toe brown for the most recent season of Stranger Things, debuting a Hawaiian shirt that could have appeared on the Prada runway. Off-screen, the actor is no style slouch either, with a look based around making simple things work well. See his velvet blazer and jeans at Miu Miu’s Paris Fashion Week show, or his penchant for trim polos that highlight his gym-honed arms. He’s proof that when you’re the biggest guy on-set, that’s something to embrace, not cover up.

David Harbour

5 Summer Essentials For Bigger Guys


An overshirt is a summer staple for all kinds of reasons – they’ll take the chill off when the sun goes down, but are still light enough to chuck in a bag – but they’re especially powerful for guys with larger frames. Unbuttoned, they’ll hang off your shoulders and away from your body, creating a sharper silhouette.

Summer Fashion For Big Guys: Everything You Need To Know

BLEU DE PANAME RIPSTOP OVERSHIRT - click to buy Jacamo Navy Low Pocket Long Sleeve Shirt - click to buy topman Stone Two Pocket Overshirt - click to buy

Tailored Shorts

If finding trousers is tough when you’ve got bigger thighs, tracking down perfect shorts is a nightmare. Basketball-style baggies might be comfortable, but they make you bottom-heavy and throw your look out of balance. Instead, go for shorts that end a couple of inches above the knee and taper slightly. Look for pleats, too, which give more room while retaining that trim shape.

Summer Fashion For Big Guys: Everything You Need To Know

M&S COLLECTION Big & Tall Cotton Rich Chino Shorts - click to buy BadRhino Blue Chambray Shorts - click to buy Hackett Core Sanderson Shorts - click to buy ralph lauren BIG & TALL Classic Fit Cotton Chino Shorts - click to buy

Vacation Shirt

A big guy in a Hawaiian shirt has been a sitcom punchline for decades, but the new breed of vacation shirt has put paid to that. The trick is to dial back the colours – two is plenty – and go for patterns with lots of negative space, like florals or even animal prints. Just please, nothing with hula girls.

Summer Fashion For Big Guys: Everything You Need To Know

BIG & TALL PAINT STROKE REVERE COLLAR SHIRT - click to buy jacamo Leopard Print Viscose Shirt - click to buy next Revere Collar Print Slim Fit Shirt - click to buy

Boxy T-shirt

We’ve already talked about the value of looser, roomier fits, which is why boxy tees should be at the top of your summer shopping list. You can’t go wrong with white, but it’s also worth thinking graphic (that’s graphic, not slogan). Make like Jonah Hill and look to streetwear brands who craft the kind of clever, tasteful tees that become an outfit’s focal point, without looking obnoxious.

Summer Fashion For Big Guys: Everything You Need To Know

jacamo Black Crew Neck T-shirt - click to buy SAINT LAURENT logo print T-shirt - click to buy levi's BIG GRAPHIC T-shirt - click to buy

Polo Shirt

If your body shape has more curves than you’d like, then look to V-shaped necklines, which create angles by widening your shoulders and slimming your waist. Because deep Vs are still on the banned list, look to the button-up collars of polos or Henleys, which achieve the same trick without turning you all Love Island.

Summer Fashion For Big Guys: Everything You Need To Know

White Stuff Blue Pontoon Henley Top - click to buy jacamo White Grandad T-Shirt - click to buy jacamo Mulberry Stretch Tipped Polo - click to buy ralph lauren BIG & TALL Classic Fit Mesh Polo Shirt - click to buy

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6 Key Men’s Swimwear Trends For Spring/Summer 2019

6 Key Men’s Swimwear Trends For Spring/Summer 2019

Mastering fashion trends in everyday clothes can be difficult enough, but when you consider that it’s just one square foot of fabric covering your modesty, swimwear has to say more about you per inch than any other garment.

To make matters worse, upgrading your trunks from duty-free afterthought to a first-class fit isn’t as easy as it seems. If every street’s a catwalk, every beach is a minefield.

So to help you nail poolside cool this summer, we’ve picked the five trends every man should be buying into. We’ll keep it brief(s). Sorry.

Action Man

The military-inspired look has been one of the most prevalent trends of recent decades, and it’s now gone full circle to storm the beaches. Perfect if stripping down to your shorts has you feeling slightly vulnerable, enlisting the armed forces can add some rugged manliness to even the skimpiest of swimwear.

“If your legs resemble pieces of string, then these shorts are a great choice,” says Sarah Gilfillan, a personal stylist and founder of menswear hub Sartoria Lab. “The busy pattern will add some much-needed width and bulk to your legs by drawing the eye outwards.” Don’t go for acres of fabric though. “Ensure the hem of the legs is not overly wide, which will only accentuate the problem. Go for a slimmer cut instead.”

As for length, Action Man-style shorts should be kept to mid-thigh level to conquer any surfer dude connotations. If going for something patterned is outside of your comfort zone, solid khaki shorts will still hit the mark and can be worn slightly longer (but never below the knee) in case you skipped the squats one too many times.


6 Key Men’s Swimwear Trends For Spring/Summer 2019

CAMO PRINT MID LENGTH SWIM SHORT - click to buy TOM FORD Slim-Fit Short-Length Camouflage-Print Swim Shorts - click to buy Khaki green smart swim shorts - click to buy

The White Stripes

A no-brainer for summer garms, nautical-inspired swimwear offers a classic way to channel some effortless Parisian cool. That doesn’t mean you can dig out that pair from your 2008 trip to Nice and be done with it. This season’s maritime look sees Breton stripes get an upgrade: whether they’re being tilted, stacked, layered or re-coloured, these next-level lines balance insouciance and style as only the French can.

“White striped shorts are one of menswear’s biggest swimwear trends this season,” says Holly Blake, a stylist at the River Island style studio. “In particular, swim shorts with bold vertical stripes are trending as they can be easily paired with a basic T-shirt and flip-flops or espadrilles for a laid-back, stylish day-to-night look this summer.”

Bold stripes not only look the business under the sun: they’ll also work wonders if you’re not beach body ready. If you’re on the slimmer side, horizontal stripes will add a little width. If you’re carrying excess baggage, vertical stripes will elongate your body by drawing the eye up and down.

Massimo DuttiMassimo Dutti

6 Key Men’s Swimwear Trends For Spring/Summer 2019

Bellfield brown stripe swim shorts - click to buy Multicoloured Stripe Swim Shorts - click to buy Printed swim shorts - click to buy


Two is better than one, they say, and that’s precisely what’s on offer with one of this season’s biggest resortwear trends. Fashion speak for ‘co-ordinated outfit’, a beach-ready co-ord is made up of swim shorts and a short-sleeve shirt in the same colour or print.

“As far as looks thrown on with the taste of last night’s tequila still in your mouth go, this one is foolproof,” says FashionBeans deputy editor Luke Todd. However, you can’t abandon all the style rules at the check-in desk. “Seeing as you’re going to be wearing it all-over, make sure you pick colours that suit your skin tone.”

Once back on home shores, up the cost-per-wear ratio by making the most of both pieces. Wear the set broken up by a white T-shirt to downplay the Club Tropicana vibes, or pair the shirt with some chinos for subtle #ThrowbackThursday to your holiday.

River Island Swim ShortsRiver Island

6 Key Men’s Swimwear Trends For Spring/Summer 2019

topman Moroccan Geometric Print Shirt And Swim Shorts Co-Ord Set - click to buy topman Red Diagonal Stripe Shirt And Swim Shorts Set - click to buy topman Black And Green Geometric Co-Ord Set - click to buy

Block Party

The best way to ensure that all your snaps are on point is to avoid clashing prints with your mates. Not only will images featuring simple block-colour swimwear not date as quickly, you’re also more likely to find a single shade that flatters you than a whole pattern.

“Just make sure you pick a shade that suits you and accentuates your colourings, otherwise it can be disastrous for your skin tone,” says celebrity stylist Alex Longmore. “Avoid black at all costs as it doesn’t work in the sunshine and can look unforgiving with so much skin exposed.”

If you’re lacking in vitamin D or didn’t have time to get a spray tan before jetting off, opt for deep green, burgundy or navy hues. They sit well on milk bottle bodies. If darker-skinned, go for something more vivid. Shades of cobalt blue, lime green and sunshine yellow will help you stand out, or go full Baywatch with red shorts seeing as you’re less prone to the all-over lobster look.

David Gandy For Marks & Spencer AutographDavid Gandy For Marks & Spencer Autograph

6 Key Men’s Swimwear Trends For Spring/Summer 2019

PAUL SMITH Classic swim shorts - click to buy MARANÉ Slim-fit swim shorts - click to buy Swim shorts - click to buy

Flower Power

Botanical prints have made the jump from female favourite to everyday essential for men, and there’s no better time to dip your toe in the water than when on holiday.

Floral shirts worn under a summer suit add a sense of fun to an otherwise staid look. The same can be said for when you’re (almost) in your birthday suit. “For the most flattering look, scale the size of the florals to your frame: if you have a small frame go for a smaller sized floral and if you have a larger frame you can take a bigger print,” says Gilfillan.

“If you’re print-shy all year round, florals provide the easiest way to dip your toe into the water. If you usually wear plain colours, this is a fun way to get some print into your life, with the added bonus of not having to worry about what you’re going to match them with.”

Hawaiian prints and tropical foliage make great Instagram-fodder. However, if you’re on the pale side, go for something with a dark background to avoid looking washed out. Similarly, those with darker complexions should opt for a light background to dial up the contrast and make the shorts stand out.

Simons Swim ShortsSimons

6 Key Men’s Swimwear Trends For Spring/Summer 2019

Short swim shorts - click to buy ONIA Charles Mid-Length Printed Swim Shorts - click to buy Dark Navy Floral Print Swim Shorts - click to buy


The appeal of retro sportswear is as present as ever, and now nostalgic swimwear trends are diving in too. This season, designers have taken their lead from the old-school vibe and updated it, to help you avoid looking like your old gym teacher on swimming lesson day.

“You’ve got to have the whole look down, so try wearing them with some equally retro sunglasses,” says Longmore. “For a reference point, take inspiration from James Bond: he did retro shorts well.”

More often than not, retro-inspired shorts come in an A-line shape, with wider leg holes to retain the throwback silhouette. While it’s a flattering cut that’ll make you look in proportion (especially if you’re larger up top), it does leave a lot of room for, err, flapping. So ensure they’re lined to save giving everyone a peek of Harry and Sally when you lay back on the lounger.

Calvin Klein Swim ShortsCalvin Klein

6 Key Men’s Swimwear Trends For Spring/Summer 2019

Short swim shorts - click to buy Green Contrast Piping Swim Shorts - click to buy Navy Panel Runner Swim Shorts - click to buy Bright blue runner swim shorts - click to buy

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Why The Blue Dress Shirt Is The Ultimate Menswear Hero

Why The Blue Dress Shirt Is The Ultimate Menswear Hero

The blue dress shirt, it’s hardly the most exciting of propositions. And yet, it is by far one of the most dependable items hanging in the wardrobe today, capable of getting men through mind-numbing Monday meetings, late nights behind the keyboard and more head-bludgeoning Friday hangovers than most maybe care to admit.

So perhaps it’s time to stop overlooking this admittedly understated piece of kit, and start treating it for what it truly is – a shield against the drudgeries of the 9-5 or, if you prefer, a grown-up comfort blanket with the power to do overtime on the weekend.

But how do you keep this humble piece of menswear looking fresh, you ask? By giving it a swift upgrade and a little styling finesse so that you can wear it with everything, everywhere. Here’s how.

Blue Dress Shirt Checklist


The most versatile blue dress shirt is one that fits you, unsurprisingly. Which means next time you’re re-stocking your rotation, it’s wise to take a second to consider your build and what cut suits it best.

“If you are fairly slim, then a few darts in the back will give you a leaner look,” whereas those with a larger frame “will probably be more comfortable with a straighter cut,” explains Savile Row shirtmaker Stephen Lachter, who has created bespoke versions of this staple for the likes of Frank Sinatra, Cary Grant and members of the royal family.


To get the most out of your dress shirt all-week round, it’s best to indulge in some blue-sky thinking. Quite literally.

“A mid- or sky blue dress shirt is perhaps the most versatile, and will go perfectly well with navy, grey, beige or brown,” says Lachter. The reason for this is that while darker hues are good for casual outfits (in the case of the chambray shirt), they can be tricky for more formal occasions.


Like your sunglasses and your haircut, the collar you choose should suit your face shape. A spread collar can have a widening effect, adding balance to those with long, narrow faces, not great for those with softer, rounded features who should instead choose a more narrow point.

To strike the sartorial middle ground, Lachter suggests a semi-spread or forward point collar, “[this] can be worn with or without a tie and is much more versatile than a spread collar,” he says.


Yes, you might have been gifted a sterling set of cufflinks for Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you need to crack them out at every opportunity, particularly if you want a work look that also puts in the hours at the weekend.

“French cuffs are quite formal and therefore more restrictive if you plan to wear your shirt away from the office,” says Lachter. “A button cuff is the most versatile option.”


The best type of fabric for a work shirt? The answer’s wrapped up in the proverbial piece of string.

“The hardest wearing is an Oxford cloth, but this is rather heavy and perhaps better suited for casual wear,” says Lachter. Instead, the shirtmaker suggests opting for a plain weave cotton (a two-fold 120s poplin, to be precise) for a fresh, clean look that has the added benefit of being pretty wrinkle-resistant.

6 Ways To Wear A Boring Blue Work Shirt

Fully Suited

A navy suit worn over a sky blue dress shirt is one of the safest options in the menswear playbook, but it can also feel a little meh if repeated too often. To spice up your office attire, ditch standard shiny materials in favour of something with texture or pattern.

Grey flannel is endlessly more interesting, as is – for those who dare – a retro-tinged brown mottled wool, especially when worn with a striped tie and heavy-soled shoes or boots. Or in the warmer months, try a tropical-weight wool in dark green or grey, experimenting with subtle checks and stripes.

Hugo Boss Slim-fit business shirt - click to buy CANALI 8cm Striped Silk And Wool-Blend Tie - click to buy GRENSON Wade Suede Derby Shoes - click to buy


A blazer, jeans and blue dress shirt combination is the definition of smart-casual, but it’s a look that many guys are wary of for fear of looking like a middle-aged dad at a Top Gear convention.

To avoid such comparisons, start by choosing the right jacket. This usually means something unlined, unstructured and preferably single-breasted. As a rule of thumb, stick to dark indigo or black jeans in a tapered or slim fit, which you can wear with clean white sneakers. Keep your shirt tucked in, leave the tie at home, and consider a light-coloured crew neck to help break things up.

Why The Blue Dress Shirt Is The Ultimate Menswear Hero

Hugo Boss Slim-fit business shirt - click to buy A.P.C. PETIT NEW STANDARD JEAN - click to buy ADIDAS LACOMBE - click to buy


In recent years, the preppy look has shaken off its hoity-toity connotations and returned to the wardrobes of those looking for solid everyday outfits that make a lasting impression.

A navy blazer worn with khaki chinos is perhaps the quintessential Ivy League pairing, something which can be thrown on with a blue dress shirt, a knitted tie and a pair of penny loafers. If a jacket isn’t essential, swap the blazer for shawl collar cardigan or cable knit jumper, and the loafers for a pair of retro running shoes to add a more modern edge.

Why The Blue Dress Shirt Is The Ultimate Menswear Hero

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Scandi Cool

Like most guys, we often ask ourselves why we haven’t just upped sticks and moved to Scandinavia already, what with the shorter working hours, minimalist everything and generally better quality of life.

It’s something you can try to manifest by ditching the laced-up look in favour of a bolder, Nordic-inspired silhouette. Start by tucking your blue dress shirt into a pair of slightly cropped, pleated trousers, worn with a boxy chore jacket or roomy sweatshirt. Finish the whole thing off with a pair of suede desert boots or – if you can get away with it – clean white tennis shoes.

Why The Blue Dress Shirt Is The Ultimate Menswear Hero

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Though wearing separates is all about creating a distinct contrast between your jacket and trousers, it’s also important to keep a connection between the top and bottom half. Sounds simple, right?

An easy way to achieve this is to wear navy trousers with a blue dress shirt, as the consistency in colour between the two will give you (almost) free reign with it comes to choosing a jacket. Remember to aim for a noticeable difference in colour and tone – your mismatch should feel purposeful, not accidental, so stay away from dark blues or blacks and instead go for a grey or burgundy in a similar weight and fit to your trousers.

Why The Blue Dress Shirt Is The Ultimate Menswear Hero

Hugo Boss Slim-fit business shirt - click to buy burton Essential Tailored Fit Suit Stretch Trousers - click to buy ALDEN PLAIN TOE BLUCHER - click to buy


Though it might seem strange to bring a reminder of the office with you on holiday, packing a blue dress shirt is a much better idea than splashing out on that pink linen number you’ll seldom wear on home shores.

This is where having the right fit truly works in your favour – if your shirt is of the billowing, shapeless variety, you’ll look more David Brent at Bognor Regis than Tom Ripley in Mongibello. Keep it slim and wear it open over a plain white T-shirt or vest with the sleeves rolled up, paired with navy chino shorts, sandals and – if you’re lucky – a glorious tan.

Why The Blue Dress Shirt Is The Ultimate Menswear Hero

UNIQLO U CREW NECK SHORT SLEEVED T-SHIRT - click to buy Hugo Boss Slim-fit business shirt - click to buy reiss WICKET CASUAL CHINO SHORTS - click to buy H&M sandals - click to buy

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The Best New Menswear To Buy Right Now

The Best New Menswear To Buy Right Now

Arket Workwear Jacket

Simultaneously light and durable, a workwear jacket makes for a great extra layer if needed during the summer. This one by Arket is a simple, utilitarian stunner, inspired by French worker jackets with an outer waterproof layer that also lets you zip in an extra layer inside for when the days start getting cooler again.

Buy Now: £150.00

Jigsaw Merino Knit

There are some excellent polos doing the rounds at the minute, but when it comes to more formal occasions it sometimes pays to give the arms a little more coverage. This long sleeve option from Jigsaw is rightfully swanky, with a tidy white trim and spun out of luxurious merino wool, which will keep you cool and comfy no matter what the occasion.

Buy Now: £95.00

Jigsaw Carr Buttoned Merino Knit, Sky Blue

Dune Snaffle Loafers

Want that Gucci style but can’t stomach dropping a ton load of cash on a pair of those admittedly swagalicious horsebit loafers? Well, here’s some menswear trickery for you – just nab these affordable alternatives from high street footwear brand Dune, which come in at over a fifth of the cost and an impressive leather finish.

Buy Now: £100.00

Santos - Black Snaffle Loafer

C.P. Company Re-Colour Sweatshirt

Two steps are better than one in the case of this new sweatshirt from cutting-edge Italian clothes manufacturer C.P. Company which has undergone a special, yep you guessed it, two-step dyeing process that gives a hazy, worn-in effect similar to that on a favourite pair of vintage selvedge jeans.

Buy Now: £225.00


New Balance 990 Triple Cell Sneakers

How do you drag an iconic sneaker like the New Balance 990 kicking and screaming into the future? A state of the art 3D printed heel, baby, one that looks like a dark forest of cyber trees and offers ultra-light cushioning. We’ve seen the future, and its got a bounce in its step.

Buy Now: £180.00

990 Sport TripleCell

Christopher Ward Moonglow C1 Watch

If you’re mad about the moon, this is the timepiece for you. Not only has the look of the watch been made by Christopher Ward specifically to chime with the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, but it also contains a specially modified movement that tells the wearer the exact phase the moon is in up in the sky.

Buy Now: £1,695.00

C1 Moonglow

Finlay London Murdoch Sunglasses

Former Oasis frontman and 90s style icon Liam Gallagher was seen rocking the pyramid stage at Glastonbury last weekend in a pair of envy-inducing sunglasses courtesy of London eyewear specialists Finlay. We highly recommend you cast an eye over its bespectacled bounty for some headlining, rock and roll style this festival season.

Buy Now: £120.00


Goodhood x Joy Division x YMC Shirt

To celebrate 40 years of the imperious debut album Unknown Pleasures by Manchester’s finest Joy Division, streetwear haven Goodhood and super slick London brand YMC have joined up to create this bold shirt which takes its cues from the iconic peaked artwork on the album’s front cover.

Buy Now: £175.00

Goodhood x Joy Division x YMC Shortsleeve Shirt - White

Givenchy Gentleman Cologne

Exuding class in everything it does, French fashion house Givenchy has released a new cologne for this summer, and well, you just know it’s going to be an elegant affair before you even catch a whiff. And when you do, expect a sharp but fresh mix of citrus and bergamot, with peppery vetiver dancing around the middle and a musk base to hold it all in.

Buy Now: £49.00


Gap Pride Socks

When it comes to style some of the countless collections released for Pride this year have unfortunately hit wide of the mark. Not so for these retro-tinged socks from Gap though, which will provide a welcome pop of colour to any vintage-inspired athleisure looks and all while helping the United Nations Free & Equal Campaign.

Buy Now: £5.00

Gap + Pride Tube Socks

Eastpak CNNCT Backpack

Eastpak has really gone to town with the functionality on its new range of backpacks, cases, and bags. Take this backpack, for example, which comes fully loaded with compartments for your laptop, tablet, notebooks and water bottle all wrapped up in a super-tough polyester shell.

Buy Now: £80.00

Tecum S CNNCT Coat

Levi’s x Stranger Things Jeans

Have you binge-watched the new series of Stranger Things yet? The Netflix show dropped its third season this week and to time with the much-anticipated release, denim heavyweight Levi’s has produced a special collection inspired by the show, including this novel pair of jeans with your favourite characters screen printed all over them.

Buy Now: £110.00

Levi’s® X Stranger Things 505™ Regular Fit Jeans

Chinatown Market Long Sleeve Tee

Channeling the DIY look of New York’s Canal Street, streetwear label Chinatown Market excels at making simple graphics look as sweet as a coconut. This palm tree-lined long sleeve tee is an easy guide into the brand vision.

Buy Now: £45.00


Grenson Made In England Sneakers

British heritage footwear don Grenson has been making classic, timeless gents shoes in its Northamptonshire factory since 1866. In all that time it’s never made a pair of sneakers there, until now, with this its first, distilling those centuries of knowledge into maybe the plushest sneaks you’ll ever own.

Buy Now: £280.00

M.I.E. Sneaker Men's

Uniqlo Roger Federer Wimbledon Polo Shirt

Uniqlo hit the headlines last year when it served an ace by nabbing Tennis legend Roger Federer as an ambassador. The partnership has been a love game thus far, continuing with this release of the match-kit Federer will be crushing that tennis ball in at this year’s Wimbledon championship.

Buy Now: £34.90


Lucky Seven x Tarantino Cap

We’re already champing at the bit for the release of Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, but while we wait we’ll have to make do with this collaborative series of caps with Lucky Seven that takes inspiration from the auteurs unbeatable back catalogue.

Buy Now: £60.00


Nike x Stranger Things Sweatpants

It’s double Stranger Things this week. The second match-up sees US sportswear titan Nike take on the classic ’80s aesthetic of the show for a selection of retro gymwear right out of Hawkins High School. Top of the class for us: these sweatpants.

Buy Now: £49.95


Zara Basic Texture Blazer

There are not many menswear pieces that can cover the breadth of smart-casual scenarios like a blazer can. Make sure you have one nestled in your wardrobe – this sandy notched lapel version being a fine, laid-back option for these long summer nights.

Buy Now: £49.99


Pull & Bear Chino Shorts

If there’s anything that’s defining this summer of menswear its the simple fact that guys just aren’t scared of wearing bold shades anymore. As long as you know how to wear them like pairing these Pull & Bear and bear shorts with a simple white tee rather than fighting that shade of fire with your brand new, and admittedly zany printed Cuban collar, than you should too.

Buy Now: £25.99

Colourful chino Bermuda shorts

Paul Smith Robe

No prizes for guessing who created this peeper-popping dressing robe. Cast in the signature multi-coloured stripes of Paul Smith, it’s made out of a crisp cotton poplin to keep you cool and dry.

Buy Now: £130.00

PAUL SMITH Signature stripe cotton-poplin robe

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Summer Trousers: Every Style You Need To Know About

Summer Trousers: Every Style You Need To Know About

Legwear is stressful at this time of year. Can you get away with shorts at the office? Can you get away with shorts at all? And, if the answer is no and you decide to retreat to the psychological comfort of your trustiest trousers, don’t bet on any physical comfort to go with it. Have you ever worn slim black jeans when it’s 30 degrees outside? It’s grim.

So what makes for a good pair summer trousers? It isn’t just a question of comfort (or, err, moisture). The right pair should flatter you whatever the weather and fit, fabric and style all play a part. So we’ve rounded up the best styles of trousers to step into until autumn comes and you can live in denim for another six months.

Wide-Leg Trousers


If there’s one thing that can be learnt from binge-watching martial arts films, it’s that the guy in the wide-leg trousers always wins. And while we’re not suggesting you go all Crouching Tiger, Hidden Drop Crotch on your wardrobe, there are few better times to become a master of looser shapes than in the height of summer.

Aside from the added aeration (bye bye, skinny jean swamp crotch), generously cut trousers have the benefit of being comfortable and suited to a wide range of body shapes, provided some thought goes into their styling.

To look put-together and thrown-together at the same time, wear capacious kecks with a top tucked or half-tucked in. Wether it’s a T-shirt, Cuban collar shirt or summer knitwear, this small styling hack will add some shape to your waist and stop the whole look from looking like a sack of shiitake.

– Luke Todd, deputy editor

Summer Trousers: Every Style You Need To Know About

SUNSPEL BRETON STRIPE TEE - click to buy dickies 874 Original Work Pant - click to buy zara WHITE CLASSIC SNEAKERS - click to buy

Pleated Trousers


Pleated trousers returned to popularity a few years ago with the mid-century clothing revival, and are now a permanent fixture with many of the coolest menswear brands, alongside knitted polos and Cuban collar shirts.

They tend to sit slightly higher on the waist, which is necessary for the pleats to hang cleanly – the idea being that they offer more room in the thigh. As such, pleated trousers are often wide-legged, so look for a pair with a tapered leg or take the to your local alterations tailor.

A tapered hem will give them a more contemporary feel and means you can wear them over a pair of slick trainers for a welcome mix of formal and casual style. Pair the look with an oversized polo shirt and classic sunglasses and you’re good to go.

– Charlie Thomas, senior editor

Summer Trousers: Every Style You Need To Know About

universal works Pleated Pant - click to buy arket Wellington Acetate Sunglasses - click to buy Nike SB Blazer Low GT - click to buy

Patterned Trousers


Patterned trousers get you noticed, that much isn’t up for debate. For the right reasons, though? That’s a different matter altogether. Whether you choose check, stripes or camouflage, statement leg coverers can instantly deliver you from the tantalising clutches of the sad and samey beige chino crew.

Being one of those ‘bold looks’ that you’re probably instinctively terrified of, you’ll need to exercise a dollop styling savvy when getting dressed. Luckily, we’re in the business of doling that out, so the number one rule to abide by is to keep things simple elsewhere. Whichever pattern you pick, it’s block colour everywhere else. No ifs, no buts.

In practice, that means that a pair of patterned trousers will sit handsomely with a cream or black polo shirt, black sandals or white minimal sneakers and some classic shades. The aim is to make people almost forget that you’re wearing them, almost.

– Luke Sampson, associate editor

Summer Trousers: Every Style You Need To Know About

orlebar brown TERRY TOWELLING polo - click to buy uniqlo COTTON LINEN BLEND RELAXED FIT STRIPED TROUSERS - click to buy chimi Berry 004 Black sunglasses - click to buy grenson chadwick - click to buy

Summer-Ready Denim

River IslandRiver Island

The jury may be out on whether lighter colours do indeed reflect heat rather than absorb it. But even if that is just a mere tale conjured up by old wives and pseudo-fashion scientists, one thing is for certain: light wash jeans never fail to look good during the warmer months.

Of course, summer-ready jeans go beyond their shade. To avoid overheating, it’s also wise to opt for a lighter weight denim (ideally below 12oz, instead of the standard 15oz), or on the high street look for styles made from organic cotton, which is generally more breathable.

To add balance to your look, contrast the light wash with a darker top half but keep the retro vibes going with a pair of ’90s-tinged sneakers below, shown off with a cheeky pin roll.

– Richard Jones, staff writer

Summer Trousers: Every Style You Need To Know About

Kin Plain Boxy Crew Neck T-Shirt - click to buy weekday Cone Denver Blue jeans - click to buy ADIDAS CONTINENTAL 80 - click to buy

Tailored Trousers


There’s a good case to be made for wearing tailored trousers all summer long. For starters, if you’re going to any weddings, you may have bought a summer-weight suit, so get the maximum wear from the trousers. Second, unlike jeans or chinos, tailored trousers come in a blessedly wide range of summer-friendly fabrics. Stop slow-roasting your nether regions in heavy wool or poly blends and try some linen, linen-cotton blends or seersucker. It will change your life.

For styling, keep it simple and dress the trousers down on those days you’re not toasting a Mr and Mrs. Wear a short-sleeve shirt, tucked or untucked, and if the trousers are plain (you’ll get more wear if they are), try a light print or pattern. Slip a vest underneath and loosen a couple of extra buttons for ’50s vibes and if it’s really sweltering, eschew the loafers for some smart sandals. The Romans knew what they were doing.

– Ian Taylor, editor-in-chief

Summer Trousers: Every Style You Need To Know About

topman White Classic Vest - click to buy cos STRAIGHT-LEG SEERSUCKER TROUSERS - click to buy mango Leather gladiator sandals - click to buy


Mango ManMango Man

There comes a point, usually sometime in July, when it becomes too warm to wear a full suit. Especially if what’s hanging in your wardrobe is more suited to the cooler months. Keep control of your internal thermostat by subbing in a pair of stone-coloured chinos, which will give your usually formal look some breathing room.

For more casual looks, channel the seaside with a striped Breton tee. When day inevitably turns to night, throw a navy chore jacket over the top with a pair of crisp white sneakers for a look that’s still casual but uniform. Summer? Sorted.

– Richard Jones, staff writer

Summer Trousers: Every Style You Need To Know About

MAISON KITSUNÉ LONG SLEEVE STRIPE TRICOLOUR FOX PATCH TEE - click to buy topman Stone Stretch Skinny Chinos - click to buy Converse All Star Low - click to buy

Cropped Trousers


It’s not hard to remember a time — much of the 1990s, actually — when ‘ankle swingers’ fell under the same cripplingly uncool umbrella as carrying a backpack on both shoulders or having your mum cut your hair.

These days, however, what’s cooler than being cool? Being uncool, of course. Because along with just about everything else from the decade style seemingly forgot (and then remembered), cropped trousers are having a moment in menswear.

A heightened hem will give the illusion of height, so guys at the beanpole end of the scale should approach with caution, but for everyone else (or lanky guys who simply DGAF) roll your existing trousers, have a tailor take them up or let a brand do the legwork for you.

– Luke Todd, deputy editor

Summer Trousers: Every Style You Need To Know About

burton Tobacco Brown Waffle Textured T-Shirt - click to buy FARAH Blue Hawtin Cropped Relaxed Chinos - click to buy GRENSON SNEAKER 1 - click to buy

Cargo Trousers

Brunello CucinelliBrunello Cucinelli

After making it big in the ‘90s, seen on the legs of anyone with, well, legs, cargo trousers had a massive fall from grace. The wait in sartorial Siberia, however, is now over.

No longer a distant, cringe-inducing memory, these practical trousers have been given a slimmed-down cut (excluding the retro pockets that could fit small children in), meaning you can nod to the utility trend without going full deer hunter.

As with any once-troublesome trews, wearing cargo trousers requires some subtly. We’re all for a pattern (camouflage, for example, works great here) but go for a more subdued version. Up top, you can rock a streetwear-inspired oversized T-shirt, but look for something that’s all about cut and fabric rather than a wearable billboard for the latest hype brand. With your shoes, you’ll want to avoid anything too smart, so try luxury suede slip-ons for a sophisticated look that’ll stay on the right side of history.

– Luke Sampson, associate editor

Summer Trousers: Every Style You Need To Know About

cos OVERSIZED LINEN T-SHIRT - click to buy J.CREW Camouflage-Print Cotton-Blend Ripstop Cargo Trousers - click to buy MONOKEL EYEWEAR ROUND SUNGLASSES - click to buy tods slip ons - click to buy

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The Best Cuban Collar Shirts You Can Buy In 2019

The Best Cuban Collar Shirts You Can Buy In 2019

The island brother to the Oxford, the Cuban collar shirt (sometimes known as the revere or camp collar) is an old-school staple – think Elvis meets Tony Montana – and it’s made a major comeback in recent seasons.

Akin to a condensed notch lapel, it’s defined by a pointed, two-tiered collar, and usually comes short-sleeved (though not always). You’ve probably seen the Cuban collar on a Hawaiian shirt, but the two are not synonymous. And this season, there are a host of rather more flattering ways to wear it.

“Cuban collar shirts can quickly tip into kitsch territory, where you look like you just stepped off a bowling lane or cruise ship,” says Tom Banham, from men’s online personal shopping service Thread. As a rule of thumb, if the shirt comes in a fabric your oddball uncle would wear to a family barbeque, pass.

That usually means aiming for poplin cotton or viscose, which are equal parts floaty and breathable. “If you still want to play up the vintage Americana look, do it with colours and prints that evoke the 1950s, like a rust-coloured windowpane check.”

There are a lot of ways to wear this type of shirt, but it takes careful styling. “Stick to lighter materials to keep that warm-weather outlook as a unifying thread,” says Banham. Even if your day job doesn’t involve strutting along runways, this isn’t just an off-duty look. As well as wearing it solo, either tucked in to tailored trousers or over chinos, try slotting it under an unstructured blazer for a louche summer wedding outfit.

If heading to Havana – or at least anywhere the temperature gets above 20 degrees C – team yours with a pair of cuffed cotton shorts and suede loafers. “If you’re more into the rebellious youth culture of the 1950s, opt for Cuban collar shirt with skinny jeans and cuff the shirt sleeves instead,” adds Banham.

The Best Brands For Cuban Collar Shirts


While you’ll find Cuban collars for beginners in the Reiss collection, by looking past the trusty basics you’ll find there are lots of more forward-thinking designs to get excited about.

From bold new takes on classic prints (such as florals print and Hawaiian styles) to graphic inflected designs, the shirts on offer here are ideal for those looking to add interest to their wardrobe.

Buy Now: £85.00

A Day’s March

Few companies design simple, well-made clothing quite as well as Scandinavian brand A Day’s March. With a minimal eye for design, each garment is meticulously thought out, and its Cuban collar shirts are no exception. Expect premium fabrics, mother of pearl buttons and boxy cuts, perfect for warm summer evenings.

Buy Now: £75.00

Camp-Collar Shirt


For beautifully finished wardrobe staples with a twist, turn to Percival. The brand has infused its Cuban collar shirts with colourful patterns, stripes and buttoned chest pockets which are perfect for storing your sunglasses. Plain colour options are available too, and all are made to a high standard befitting of their price tags.

Buy Now: £99.00

Cuban Short Sleeve Shirt


AllSaints has developed a rep as the rockstar of the British high street thanks to a suitably grungy aesthetic and a knock-out line in leather jackets.

Its take on the Cuban collar is a lot more punchy than its counterparts with audacious prints taking centre stage while a light, flouncy viscose fabric and slim fit keep the rhythm.

Buy Now: £85.00

AllSaints Talon Eagle Print Short Sleeve Shirt, Jet Black

Hamilton And Hare

Best known for its nightwear and underwear, British loungewear brand Hamilton & Hare is well versed in creating easy, relaxed pieces which feel every bit as good to wear as they do to look at.

Cuban collar shirts from the brand take that same focus on comfort and fit but apply it to something more appropriate for the great outdoors. Think tasteful neutrals, pared-back patterns and subtle textural interest, all rendered in that signature super soft cotton and linen.

Buy Now: £90.00

Decking Stripe Open Collar Shirt - Navy


Japanese style is all about quality fabrics and easy to wear fits, something Uniqlo, the countries biggest high street export is a master at.

It’s Cuban collar shirts come out quite wide for western tastes so you may want to temper the width with some slim fitting trousers. Designs and colours are kept quite simple apart from a wavy series of shirts printed with artwork from iconic 19th-century Japanese artist Hokusai.

Buy Now: £12.90



Come for the amazing T-shirts, stay for the Cuban collars. If you have the money, you could always dress your torso in Sunspel and you’d always look good. The British heritage brand is about keeping things simple and luxurious, so expect well-cut shirts in easy colours and simple patterns. As good for the British summertime as they are for five-star resorts.

Buy Now: £125.00

SUNSPEL Camp-Collar Mélange Cotton-Terry Shirt


This contemporary London brand designs clothes that are easy to wear but look and feel like you’ve made more of an effort than maybe you have. Folk offers interesting fits, premium fabrics and, when it does colour or pattern, the resulting designs always hit that sweet spot between boring and garish.

The Cuban collar shirts are no different. Look for nice touches like a rounded collar and prints designed by well-chosen local artists.

Buy Now: £115.00

FOLK Camp-Collar Printed Cotton Oxford Shirt


Throwing a classic Cuban collar shirt into the mix is a foolproof way to jazz up a summer look. When it comes to offerings that tick variety and value for money, high street mainstay Topman is up there with the best. A huge selection of prints and patterns make it the perfect choice for staying on top of the trends, season after season.

Buy Now: £25.00

Blue Tiger Revere Shirt

Todd Snyder

Having consistently been named one of the top menswear designers, as well as having performed in important roles at the likes of Polo Ralph Lauren, Gap, and J. Crew, suffice to say that Iowa-born Todd Snyder is a man who knows a thing or two about men’s fashion. Snyder’s collections meld Savile Row craftsmanship with a downtown NY aesthetic, and the results – shirts included – are stunning.

Buy Now: £130.00

TODD SNYDER Slim-Fit Camp-Collar Printed Cotton Shirt

French Connection

Since its inception in the early 1970s, UK-based label French Connection has been cementing its name as a purveyor of well-designed, fashionable clothing, not to mention tongue-in-cheek advertising campaigns. As far as its Cuban collar shirts go, look out for clean, understated designs for an instant touch of effortless cool.

Buy Now: £45.00


Boohoo Man

For a dizzying array of options at unbeatable prices, Boohoo Man’s collection is an excellent shout. Think on-trend cuts and prints, at prices so affordable that you could completely rejuvenate your summer wardrobe without your wallet bursting into flames. Not something to be sniffed at, given the unpredictable financial climate.

Buy Now: £13.50


Orlebar Brown

Orlebar Brown Founder Adam Brown has built an entire brand around sophisticated swimwear and beach-ready apparel with a premium edge. The label’s luxury takes on the classic Cuban collar shirt blend style, quality and wearability to seamless effect. For timeless pool-side silhouettes, that wouldn’t look out of place at an al fresco evening meal, Orlebar Brown is the one.

Buy Now: £195.00

CLICK TO ZOOM THUNDERBALL SHIRT 007 Cardinal Capri Collar Shirt


Founded in Barcelona in 1984 by two brothers, Mango has since established itself as a leading name in fast fashion on high streets worldwide. A great selection of Cuban collar shirts, in a variety of prints, patterns and block colours make this the perfect place to stay on top of the ever-changing trends and keep your finger firmly on the pulse.

Buy Now: £35.99

Light wash regular-fit denim shirt

River Island

When you imagine high street menswear with variety, style and value at the forefront, it’s hard not to think of River Island. The London-headquartered retailer has been kitting out the nation’s best dressed men in on-trend styles and wardrobe essentials for well over 60 years and offers men’s Cuban collar shirts in a range of colours, cuts, patterns and fabrics.

Buy Now: £15.00

Grey floral print revere shirt

Beams Plus

Beams Plus is the physical embodiment of Japanese fashion’s ongoing obsession with vintage Americana, workwear and utilitarian style. Founded in 1999, as part of the sprawling Beams franchise, men’s line Beams Plus is the perfect choice for a rugged, heritage-inspired Cuban collar shirt. For timeless pieces, constructed with high-quality materials, this is your one-stop-shop.

Buy Now: £105.00

BEAMS PLUS Camp-Collar Printed Cotton Shirt

Gitman Vintage

Heritage is a big buzzword in menswear, making it a hot commodity for brands, and it’s something that Gitman Vintage has by the truckload. Since the 1930s the Gitman brothers have been kitting men out with some of the best shirts the States has to offer, all put together in the label’s Pennsylvania factory. Well-known for its wide range of styles and materials, the brand is a seriously smart choice for Cuban collar shirts.

Buy Now: £195.00

GITMAN VINTAGE Camp-Collar Printed Cotton-Blend Shirt


Originally founded as a leather goods shop in Milan, Prada quickly became known for its second-to-none craftsmanship and forward-thinking approach to design. Today the luxury Italian house bridges the gap between high-end fashion and wearability. With recent collections featuring striking patterns and eye-catching designs, the Cuban collar shirt is fast becoming a brand staple. Buying from Prada’s range is the ideal luxury way to spice up your summer wardrobe.

Buy Now: £675.00

PRADA Camp-Collar Printed Satin Shirt


Swedish fast-fashion powerhouse H&M can be credited with bringing simple Scandi design to the mass market. The high street giant is well known the world over for its ever rotating seasonal collections, versatile wardrobe staples and fantastic value. For Cuban collar shirts, keep your eyes peeled for floaty, block colour linen styles or busy designs in suitably restrained colour palettes.

Buy Now: £9.99

Resort shirt Relaxed fit


In 1903, 18-year-old Montague Burton borrowed £100 from a relative with the idea of setting up a men’s clothing company, and that’s exactly what he did. In the firm’s infancy, it supplied uniforms to almost a quarter of the British armed forces during World War I. Now one of the biggest names in menswear on the high street, Burton is the place to go for on-trend fashion staples – like the Cuban collar shirt, funnily enough – made easy.

Buy Now: £25.00

Burgundy Black Short Sleeve Viscose Stripe Shirt


Gucci is a name synonymous with high-end Italian craftsmanship, intricate attention to detail and a design aesthetic that is almost unbeatable. Under the creative direction of Alessandro Michele, the Florence-based fashion house is bringing timeless luxury goods into the 21st century and giving them a contemporary twist. For bold, vibrant Cuban collar shirts, you need look no further.

Buy Now: £700.00

GUCCI Camp-Collar Webbing-Trimmed Satin Shirt

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How To Wear The Most Difficult Menswear Colours

How To Wear The Most Difficult Menswear Colours

The designer, suitmaker and shopkeeper Sid Mashburn once said of a man’s wardrobe: “Guys don’t need a lot of options, they just need the right options.” And for the most part, we’re inclined to agree.

Contrary to what most chart-topping rappers would have you believe, it’s the simple, timelessly stylish pieces worn right that make you stand out. Which is why most guys could have a capsule wardrobe stocked with as few as 35 items and still be considered better dressed for pretty much any occasion than 90 per cent of the population.

But Mr Mashburn’s theory doesn’t really stand up when applied to colour. Here, most men tend to be a little too reserved and conservative. We all know how relatively easy it is to pull off neutral looks made up of black, white, navy and grey, but if you really want to stand out from the pack, it’s time to start embracing bolder hues.

So if you’re still wandering around in the dark, here are the six most commonly swerved shades and how to wear them all year round.

How To Wear Pink

Still hung up on pink supposedly being for girls? Then consider this: until the end of the 19th century pink was – in the Western world, at least – considered a masculine hue. Connotations of girlishness gradually came in the early 20th century as marketers repositioned pink as a feminine colour.

Whether dusty and soft or bold and bright, pink has been big news for several seasons now, and it’s not about to fade away anytime soon. Lucky, then, that it pairs well with plenty of colours you probably already have in your wardrobe – including brown, beige, blue, white and darker shades of green, such as olive.

Wearing pink does come with its caveats. If you have fair skin, be wary of pastel shades, which can wash an already milkly pallor. If this is the case, try balancing your complexion with darker colours – for example, a pink dress shirt with a navy blazer and blue tie. Another option is to try a bolder, more vibrant tone of pink instead.

An Oxford shirt is arguably the most versatile piece you can opt for in pink, as it teams well with everything from raw denim jeans to a grey suit. Pink chinos or shorts are another great addition to your summer wardrobe, while pink socks or sneakers can add the perfect pop to an otherwise understated outfit.

Colour Pairing Guidelines

Similar Colours (easiest to pair): Reds and mauve pinks
Contrasting Colours (harder to pair): Blue violets and yellow greens
Complementary Colours (hardest to pair): Blue greens
Recommended: Brown, beige and white, along with darker shades of green and blue

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How To Wear The Most Difficult Menswear Colours

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How To Wear Green

At the time green began its rise to become one of the most popular menswear hues, blokes everywhere assumed it was some cruel joke by the fashion industry. In fact, the colour bods have done us a favour. While most are no strangers to moss or khaki, there are so many other green tones that can be introduced to your wardrobe and help take your outfits to the next level.

No matter what shade you opt for, this masculine colour always looks best paired with blue, white and grey, while darker military variants complement similarly earthy hues such as brown and mustard.

As for what you should look to invest in, green is arguably the easiest on this list to pull off. The only real consideration to be made is skin tone. Those with pale/fair skin should stick to deep shades like bottle green, while anyone with an olive/medium complexion needs to avoid shades that are too close to the skin, such as olive. Guys with darker complexions have the pick of the lot, along with the added benefit of being able to wear bold, bright hues like jade green.

Once you’ve figured out the perfect shade for you, look to pick up a couple of pieces that will serve you well now – chiefly outerwear and chinos or cargo trousers – then follow up with short-sleeved shirts and shorts during the warmer months. Aside from tailoring, a year-round green option can be found in the form of accessories (socks, lightweight scarves, pocket squares, etc.), which will add a point of interest to an otherwise pared-back look.

Colour Pairing Guidelines

Similar Colours (easiest to pair): Yellow greens and blue greens
Contrasting Colours (harder to pair): Reds and violets
Complementary Colours (hardest to pair): Mauve pinks
Recommended: Blue, white and grey

How To Wear The Most Difficult Menswear Colours

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How To Wear The Most Difficult Menswear Colours

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How To Wear Brown

The seventies have been going strong in menswear for some time now, and as well as the resurgence of fabrics like shearling and corduroy, that’s also meant a healthy dose of brown doing the rounds.

Despite not appearing on the colour wheel, the perfect partner to this classic neutral will always be blue. The pairing gives blue depth, while the brown appears richer. Additional colours that combine well include earthy hues such as burnt orange, green, khaki, mustard and beige.

Although there’s a shade of brown that will work well with pretty much every skin tone, those with olive or dark complexions will want to avoid hues too close to the colour of the skin as it can make it appear dull, or worse, naked.

Brown is likely already present in your wardrobe, so try upping your quotient with some tan corduroy trousers or chinos, a chocolate brown leather jacket, dark camel merino crew neck jumper or even a simple pair of russet brogues or desert boots.

Colour Pairing Guidelines

Recommended: Blues and earth tones

How To Wear The Most Difficult Menswear Colours

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How To Wear The Most Difficult Menswear Colours

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How To Wear Orange

Wearing orange may conjure up images of Halloween, but it needn’t be a horror story during the remaining 11 months of the year. The traditionally bright, citrusy shade has taken on a more burnt appearance in recent seasons, making it more cool than costume-y.

While summer is prime time to reclaim the hue from Dutch football fans, the autumn/winter months are also an opportune moment to start putting it to work. Ease in by adding a jolt of colour to a standard grey or navy suit with a tie or pocket square, before graduating to knitwear and outerwear.

Of course, the hi-vis look is not for everyone. Fortunately, there’s a complete spectrum of shades on offer: from almost-brown rust tones for pale skin, to bright coral and blood orange for darker complexions. However you wear it, be sure to add balance to any look by off-playing orange against neutral colours such as grey, navy and black.

Colour Pairing Guidelines

Similar Colours (easiest to pair): Reds and yellows
Contrasting Colours (harder to pair): Mauve and blue greens
Complementary Colours (hardest To pair): Blue violets
Recommended: Earth tones, as well as grey, navy and black

How To Wear The Most Difficult Menswear Colours

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How To Wear The Most Difficult Menswear Colours

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How To Wear Purple

The most regal of all hues according to the Ancient Romans and Greeks, purple is often one of the colours most misused by guys looking to expand their palette.

The easiest way to look good in lavender is to use it sparingly as an accent – wearing it head-to-toe just screams Batman villain. Sitting at the meeting point between red and blue, it teams extremely well with beige, grey and shades of blue, from sky and duck egg to cobalt and teal.

Don’t just go letting the purple rain everywhere, mind. Follow the usual rules of balancing out your complexion with contrasting shades – choosing from soft mauve right up to deep wine – and those that sit either side of the middle ground.

Ties and pocket squares in purple are the ideal pieces to start with; combine them with suits in neutral colours and light-coloured shirts for maximum effect. Purple dress shirts also look great when paired with navy or midnight blue suits, and for the especially ballsy amongst us, why not consider a purple blazer or a pair of chinos for the summer months? Each is guaranteed to make a statement.

Colour Pairing Guidelines

Similar Colours (easiest to pair): Blue violets and mauves
Contrasting Colours (harder to pair): Reds and greens
Complementary Colours (hardest to pair): Yellows
Recommended: Navy, grey, white and beige

How To Wear The Most Difficult Menswear Colours

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How To Wear The Most Difficult Menswear Colours

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How To Wear Yellow

Yellow is notoriously difficult to wear and often avoided, even by menswear’s most daring. Like orange and purple, yellow is a colour that needs to be used sparingly. With this in mind, always look to control the use of the hue with surrounding pieces in white, blue, grey, beige and charcoal.

Perhaps more importantly, though, is finding a shade that doesn’t wash you out – especially if you’re of a fairer skin tone. While darker skin types will be able to pull off everything from corn flour to canary yellow, pale men need to be slightly more cautious. If this applies to you, try darker hues like mustard and gold, which should help lift your complexion. As with green, those with olive skin should avoid anything too close to their skin colour or risk blending in with their clothing.

Casual separates like cotton polo shirts, T-shirts, jumpers and shorts look great in yellow, particularly when combined with blues. If you feel like upping the ante, embrace your inner hypebeast and opt for a pair of statement shoes or trainers. You’ll be surprised how versatile they can be when teamed with dark denim or grey flannel trousers.

Colour Pairing Guidelines

Similar Colours (easiest to pair): Yellow greens and oranges
Contrasting Colours (harder to pair): Blues and mauve pinks
Complementary Colours (hardest to pair): Violets
Recommended: Neutrals – particularly white, pale grey, charcoal and navy

How To Wear The Most Difficult Menswear Colours

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How To Wear The Most Difficult Menswear Colours

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Suit Alterations For Men: 13 Tailoring Tweaks To Consider

Suit Alterations For Men: 13 Tailoring Tweaks To Consider

At the very start of The Italian Job, Michael Caine’s character delivers one of the coolest lines in British cinema. His girlfriend picks him up from prison in the Turkish Ambassador’s stolen car and asks him where he’d like to go first as a free man. His immortal reply? “Take me to my tailor.” Clearly, Charlie Crocker knew the score.

While things have changed today, and ready-to-wear suits have replaced bespoke tailoring for the vast majority of guys, there’s still a reason for you to make friends with a man of the cloth: alterations.

A completely glove-like fit can’t be bought unless you go bespoke. The reason for this is that ready-to-wear suits – even expensive ones – are designed to offer a reasonable fit across a range of different body shapes, sizes and silhouettes, and they have to compromise as a result.

With a good tailor on speed dial, you’ll have all kinds of sartorial sorcery at your fingertips – from giving tired pieces a new lease of life to making a high street suit look a whole lot more expensive.

If you ever slip a jacket on and find the sleeves are a touch too long, the jacket’s bagging across your front, or swallowing the hollow of your back, don’t despair. A decent alterations tailor can work wonders, and tweak a ready-to-wear suit almost everywhere that matters, to help you achieve the look and feel of a bespoke suit. Here’s how.

Suit Jacket Alterations

Lengthen Or Shorten The Sleeves

In an ideal world, a suit’s sleeves should fall to the wrist, and show around a quarter-of-an-inch of shirt cuff beneath. That’s the theory, but let’s face it – we’ve all got different arms. If you struggle to find jackets with sleeves that finish where they should, this is easily fixed. An alterations tailor should be able to move a jacket’s cuff buttons and pick-up or let down the sleeves of your jacket by about an inch. It’s trickier to do this with working cuffs that fasten or unfasten, so best to stick to brands that sell ‘sham’ or faux cuffs if you struggle to get sleeves that fit.

Chip The Jacket’s Shoulders

If all else fails, it is also possible to take the shoulders of a jacket in – an alteration that tailors call ‘chipping’ because it involves taking off the sleeves, cutting or chipping away the shoulder pads, and then sewing the whole thing back together. It’s the tailoring equivalent of major surgery, and it can go badly wrong. But, if you find the right tailor and struggle to get a jacket’s shoulders to fit you snugly, this is definitely worth a go. Try this alteration is you are slight of frame, but make sure you find a tailor who knows what they’re doing.

Take In The Jacket’s Waist

This alternation, perhaps more than any other, can transform the look of a ready-to-wear suit. At its most fundamental, the suit is supposed to offer a masculine take on an hourglass figure; building up your shoulders and following the natural line of your waist. If you have big shoulders, or a hollow back, often this doesn’t happen, and extra cloth in the jacket’s waist can swallow you up. Avoid this by having the jacket taken in through the side-seams – it will fit the whole thing to your frame, and clean-up any bagginess. Most alternations tailors can pin a jacket to you and get it fitting like a glove inside a week.

Rotate A Jacket Sleeve

A fix that’s definitely not for tailoring newbs, changing the pitch of a jacket’s sleeve – that is the angle at which the sleeve is attached at the shoulder and the corresponding way it sits on your arm – isn’t so much a routine alteration as an impressive feat of engineering. The pitch you require generally depends on factors such as your posture, but of course off-the-peg suit retailers don’t know you personally, which is where this sartorial edit comes in. Keep in mind that even the slightest change in pitch requires the sleeve to be removed entirely to be tilted, so reserve this one for a blazer or sports jacket you see yourself wearing for many years to come.

Suit Trouser Alterations

Saturday Night Fever

Taper Trouser Legs

One for guys who don’t skip leg day but still want a slim silhouette, tapering trouser legs is a straightforward way of ensuring trousers or jeans that fit at your waist and thigh also fit well through the lower leg. The process involves slimming the trouser leg down from the mid-thigh/knee area to the break, stripping away excess fabric and creating a new seam that sits closer to the body. Ideal if you want your denim or chinos to look less like your dad’s.

Hem The Trousers

“Trousers should shiver on the shoe and not break”, so said Oscar Wilde. The ‘break’ of a trouser is the degree to which the material bags on the top of your shoes. In an ideal world, your trousers should hang clean down to the bridge of your foot and sit neatly on top of the shoe, as Wilde describes. There’s nothing less elegant than trousers that are too long, or more embarrassing that trousers that are too short (unless purposely cropped). Hemming suit trousers to the correct length is the easiest alteration in the book – any old tailor should be able to do this quickly and easily.

Let Out The Legs

Most modern suits, particularly those found on the high street, are cut with slim, sharply tapering trousers, which are designed to flatter a skinny frame – but that isn’t ideal if you’re of naturally larger proportions. If you struggle to get trousers with legs that are wide enough to fit without straining around your thighs, many brands will supply trousers with inlay down each side seam, which an alterations tailor can use to let out and widen the trousers – giving you a touch more room to move.

Shirt Alterations

North By Northwest

Make Your Shirt Fit Better

You might not prize your shirt as highly as the tailoring you wear on top of it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth streamlining. Adding darts (subtle sewn-in folds) to a shirt can instantly improve how it fits through the torso, tucking in excess fabric and giving you a sleeker silhouette. Although you’ll find plenty of DIY guides on adding darts to a shirt, it – like most alterations – is best left to the professionals unless you consider yourself a skilled seamster.

Give Your Shirt A New Neckline

Always thought that crew neck would work better as a boat neck? Or maybe you want to kill the collar on your favourite button-down? A good tailor can help you achieve both. Although in many cases, like with a T-shirt, it’ll be easier (and more affordable) just to buy a new one, having a tailor work on the neckline is not only more environmentally friendly, it’ll also allow you to keep what you like about the garment (e.g. the colour or print) while optimising how it fits at the neck.

Get Rid Of Pockets

Some shirts look better sans-chest pockets. So if you’d rather your favourite shirt had a more minimal appearance, check in with your tailor who should be able to remove the pocket(s) without leaving behind much of a trace. Results vary, with holes from where the pocket was stitched initially sometimes visible, so get your tailor’s professional opinion before pushing the button on this one.

Finishing Touches And Repairs


Replace Buttons And Zippers

No, it’s not exactly rocket science, but having your tailor replace missing buttons or faulty zippers saves you having to carve out the time to do it yourself. (Or, you know, learn how to do it in the first place.)

Reline A Suit Jacket

Love your off-the-peg suit jacket but want to make yours more personal to you? A tailor might be able to help. Relining an entire suit jacket isn’t easy, with intricate work required to fashion new interior pockets and ensure the new lining sits just right in the shell of the blazer. So, while prices vary hugely, this alteration typically doesn’t come cheap.

Stitch Down Pockets

Apart from perhaps an upended glass of rioja or a sticky-fingered child, few things wreck the appearance of your tailoring like overstuffed pockets. If the temptation to overload every open seam is too much, it is possible to have them sewn shut. Not only does this stop you wrecking the clean lines a suit is intended to create, it also encourages you to invest in a decent briefcase or holdall.

Five Of The Best Ready-To-Wear Suit Brands

In order to get the most out of your suit alterations, you need a good starting point – these are tailors, not magicians after all. Here are five of the best ready-to-wear suits that, with a few tailoring tweaks, will look like second skin.

Gieves & Hawkes

The quintessential Savile Row tailor, Gieves & Hawkes’s ready-to-wear tailoring is superb. Whether you’re looking for a crisp three-piece suit for the office, or something special for wedding or even a cocktail party, this is the place to come. The house’s flagship at No.1 Savile Row is an impressive shop; the staff are friendly, attentive and fitting a suit to your figure is all part of the service.

Suit Alterations For Men: 13 Tailoring Tweaks To Consider

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Richard James

Richard James was founded in the early 1990s as one of the ‘new wave’ of cool Savile Row tailors, a reputation it has kept up ever since. Today, the house designs a mixture of sharp formal suits, and slightly more colourful, creative suits too. Try one of its plain coloured double-breasted jackets with elegant pleated trousers for a slightly retro, but sophisticated look.

Suit Alterations For Men: 13 Tailoring Tweaks To Consider

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Suit Supply

When all else fails, try Suit Supply. This on-point Scandinavian brand makes modern tailoring in a wide range of fits and luxurious Italian and British fabrics. It cuts suits with a traditionally British ‘structured’ look, but it is best known for its unstructured Italian-influenced designs. Try its ‘Havana’ model for a contemporary, relaxed look.

Suit Alterations For Men: 13 Tailoring Tweaks To Consider

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Reiss’s tailoring comes up quite slim, but the brand uses good quality fabrics, and its tailoring is very well cut. Incidentally, this is a good place to shop lightweight summer suits or jackets – Reiss makes lots of tailoring with a light, airy construction, and uses some high-twist cloths that are designed to travel well and resist creasing.

Suit Alterations For Men: 13 Tailoring Tweaks To Consider



Drake’s is a slightly more arty choice, but no less appealing. Its suits and jackets are made lovingly in Italy, in a mixture of ‘olde worlde’ tweeds, corduroy, brushed cotton and even denim on occasion. Unlined and unstructured, its tailoring is sharp-looking yet relaxed all at once.

Suit Alterations For Men: 13 Tailoring Tweaks To Consider

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Masturbation in Islam… Are we missing out on something?

Masturbation in Islam – Hmm… Taboo or not taboo?

The subject of masturbation is taboo (although becoming less so) in the average Western society – so naturally in Islamic communities, it’s even further back in the proverbial discussion shelf. Image what a great taboo would be to date an athens call girl or athens call girls.

I’m not a scholar, so I won’t (as countless thousands are doing) start telling you what is halal and what isn’t.. The scholarly perspective on masturbation in Islam is varied and as far as I can tell, ranges from “HARAM! It will destroy you” to “If it stops you committing zina and it’s really unbearable for you to abstain, then do this seldom, don’t make it a habit of it”.

For a legal ruling, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

But that’s not what I wanted to talk about…


I often complain that our new modern western culture is based on what is transmitted through television. What humans have seemingly so far been unable to figure out, is that we are repetitive-copying habitual animals… or to put it another way – monkey see, monkey do.

All we need is to be shown something or hear something enough, and like a child, we’ll start following suit. It’s no accident that we are being enticed. A man by the name of Edward Bernays was the psychoanalyst who coined the term “Public Relations” (he actually just re-branded Propaganda) and he was hired to manipulate the general population. Being hired by tobacco giants and elements of government to get people (whom he referred to as “herds”) to consent to his will by a series of manipulation techniques. Obviously a government and corporation asset, this is used to a greater extent today. Boost sales, win the vote, etc.. even the Rockefellers used it on the American female population to kick-start modern feminism… anyway, I digress…

Masturbation has obviously been around for a long time, but in the last 20 years, we have seen it taking the public stage as it’s discussed, encouraged and joked about.

My point here is that it’s being done a lot more now than ever before because of it being suggested constantly. People are told quite candidly and in a “matter of fact” way, that 12, 13, 14, 15 year old boys are masturbating or thinking about masturbation more than just about anything else. That this is what drives them.. This sentiment has been promoted through TV, film and comedy and it seems to be believed.

What happens with this image, is that when it is true (in a few cases), it is more a reflection on a hyper-sexualized society, rather than normal behaviour. More often than not, boys are left wondering what is wrong with them as they can’t keep up to the hype. It’s dehumanizing to say the least. Adolescent boys are complex beings with real emotions, ideas, creativity and problems – yet we reduce them to complete slaves of a simplistic base desire.

Adolescent girls are encouraged to “explore” and are told how it’s “normal” to use objects to pleasure yourself. They too are being dehumanized – stripped of the dignity of their character and intelligence as they start their realization of how they will be sexualized in their societies.

In the West, we turn the “awakened to sexual thought” switch too quickly. By encouraging any sort of sexual behaviour at a young age and then exposing them to a sexually open society and not letting them marry until they’re in their mid twenties (at the earliest!), what exactly are we setting them up for?

Masturbation is a problem. It should not be encouraged… it breeds sexual deviance and encourages a very dim view of how we should function.


Sex and Masturbation… Myths & Facts

Now that I’m done moaning, I’ll give you some serious side effects to masturbation that could serious have an impact on your sex life.

MYTH: Masturbation is like practising for sex

FACT: Masturbation will actually have an effect on your performance – it’s true, but not in a great way. The point of masturbation is to orgasm and this is generally sought after with enthusiasm.. So much so, that it causes your normal sexual performance to be “goal oriented”. That might not sound terrible, but think about it.. if the trained reason you’re having sex is to have an orgasm, you’re missing out most of the enjoyment, you’re not focusing on your spouse as much as you should, and worst of all (for the men), you will reach your goal a lot quicker than you usually would do. Some of these things you might not think you’re doing, but you’ve exercised your body this way, it’s not part of your conscious choice any more.

MYTH: Masturbation helps me know myself and what I like in bed

FACT: Sensations that you experience by yourself are dramatically different to how you would feel with your spouse. Even if this wasn’t the case, in the first part of a marriage isn’t exploration part of the fun? Isn’t this beautiful time of discovery a wonderful thing that establishes a unique communication and a strong bond?

Avoiding this habit will ensure that you improve your sexual performance, have more sex, be more excited to have sex (since you abstain from touching yourself), bring you closer together, etc..

The idea of something else as valuable in a relationship as sex, can be done on our own, just sickens me. The West has been destructively preaching individuality and independence to people for far too long. The notion that we are independent beings that operate completely on our own is un-Islamic and frankly, dangerous. As Muslims, we understand that we are made in pairs. Our healthy functionality depends on it. Men and women have different skills and strengths, so we can properly balance our lives and the lives of our children and therefore our communities. A quick look at the crime statistics of children raised in a single parent home will let you know how important the other parent is. However, for those men that are alone an athens call girl or athens call girls. would be a really good sex partner.

Of course… it comes back to sex

Sex is part of what we should NEED our spouses to do for us. When these needs arise, it causes flirtation, fun, closeness and ends in us finding satisfaction and fulfilment in the one we love.. Isn’t that too beautiful to be dishonoured when we have the option to satisfy ourselves?

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