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What Dress to Put On a Wedding

What Dress to Put On a Wedding

Dark florals, rich structures, as well as punchy colours fit for any bridal gown code.

Fall wedding celebration period can be challenging and you wish to look commemorative. However still keep things seasonal. Luckily there are a lot of remedies to maintain you looking stylish at all the nuptials this year: from dark fall florals, to punchy autumnal colours, to rich, cool-weather textiles, these dresses will aid you browse also the trickiest autumn outfit code with you style intact.


Maxi-length gowns have actually never gone out of fashion and also for years are thought about the major outfit patterns for night occasions. Designer suggest choosing cosy multi-layered skirts as evening wear 2019. First of all, it significantly limits the movements and it’s almost difficult to dance in it. When it comes to the shade range, you can pick the brightest as well as succulent shades or remain at more classic, light colour pattern.

Do not be afraid to trying out the top. Open up shoulders will certainly come to be a lot more prominent in 2019 style patterns. Lace evening clothes have actually always been prominent. They have the ability to highlight the womanhood and also elegance of the natural beauty of its owner. Consequently, openwork outfits were actively utilized in the old world, and currently they are frequently utilized as classic items from different ages.

Evening dresses

Trendy shoelace evening dresses 2019 were presented in collections presented by both and also obscure famous brands. Black lace will certainly be at the optimal of popularity. In 2019 season, designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Salvatore Ferragamo, Valentino, Marios Schwab, and Zara picked black lace for their evening dresses 2019. Stylish shoelace evening wear 2019 with black openwork inserts look rather chaste and also modest due to simple cut and restrained design. Lace gowns haven’t deep bosom and ultra-short size, but at the same time, they look nice and also stylish.

Trendy fads

Bright scarlet tones likewise discovered in evening wear 2019 style trends. As opposed to modest dark gowns, gowns of all shades of red in fashion collections of well-known designers exist in cocktail versions. They are much less official, but they are absolutely a bright accent for any type of closet. In this theme, you can check out Marchesa, Matthew Williamson fashion shows. Their outfits remain on the figure, as well as the lower component is decorated with ruffles.

For adherents of timeless designs, developers have created a variety of designs in dairy products and cream light shades. This pattern is especially mirrored in Dolce & Gabbana collections.Shoelace dresses of this colour look perfect on tanned skin. Designer suggest adding shoelace accessories to a stylish appearance, as an example, clutches.

Sheath gown

Openwork wear warm, mild tones remain in evening wear 2019 patterns. Sheath gown is a simple style that is able to flawlessly show the complexity and also originality of lace. Emilio Pucci and Erdem drew attention to this fad, by suggesting laconic knee-length gowns with narrow sleeves and a boat neck line.

Guipure lush outfits are additionally discovered in vogue fads 2019. Sheath outfit looks excellent just on slim form, yet lush styles will fit absolutely everyone. They favorably hide the excess volume of the hips, and also many thanks to the deep cleavage they are able to flawlessly emphasize the breast.

A variety of such models can be located in collections of evening clothes 2019 of Dolce & Gabbana as well as Marchesa. The proprietors of slim waistlines can emphasize those with thin bands or bigger belt-tapes.

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The Best Leather Jackets Guide You’ll Ever Read

Few items of menswear come packaged with as much attitude, heritage or unfiltered masculinity as a leather jacket. Synonymous with punks and pilots, motorcycles and Marlon Brando, the leather jacket is high-testosterone menswear, but it’s also a surprisingly versatile classic. No well-edited wardrobe is complete without one.

Men have been wearing hides and skins since our knuckles stopped skimming the floor, but the leather jacket as we know it today came to prominence in the early 1900s. Brown leather flight jackets were worn by the early aviators and the military, most notably the German Air Force in World War I.

The first contemporary-looking style arrived in 1928. A Manhattan raincoat maker, Irving Schott, designed a motorcycle jacket for Harley Davidson. Dubbed the ‘Perfecto’, after his favourite cigar, this leather jacket was built to protect riders from the elements and accidents. During World War II the flight jacket became known as the bomber, and was prized for its warmth having been designed for wear in open cockpits.

Between then and now, leather jackets have appeared everywhere from in cult flick The Wild One to on the backs of the Sex Pistols. It’s standard-issue for mavericks, scoundrels and sex symbols.

Today, the garment is likely to be one of the most expensive additions to a wardrobe, so don’t be a rebel without a clue – make a shrewd purchase. If for no other reason, a good leather jacket is one of the few long-term relationships you’ll have in fashion. They’re built to last, age as you do and pair with more items than you might expect.

If you don’t consider Danny Zuko a style icon, that’s fine – there are other ways to wear it.

How Much Should I Pay For A Leather Jacket?

There are as many price points as there are jackets. Generally, you get what you pay for, but while in some cases you pay for the name, the price usually comes down to the quality and type of leather used.

“A good quality leather garment is often supple and soapy to the touch,” says Joslyn Clarke, head of design for heritage outerwear brand Grenfell. “Well-designed leather garments should not have unnecessary seams, but should look like a cloth garment in its seaming. Cheaply made leather garments will often have many seams to enable the maker to use as much of the skin as possible when the piece is being cut out.”

Which type of leather you opt for depends on what you want from the jacket. If after something buttery soft, prioritise calfskin or lambskin, but bear in mind that it may not be as durable as a thick biker-type hide.

For the very best quality (and steepest prices) you’ll need to look for ‘full grain’ leather jackets. These use the best quality hides and, due to its thickness, are rather stiff at first. They will take some breaking in, just like a good pair of Derby shoes, but you’ll be rewarded with a natural patina and a jacket that is unique to you.

If your budget is limited, ‘top grain’ leathers are more affordable. These have had the natural grain sanded off and been stamped to give the leather an even look. Cheaper still, you can get great leather alternatives such as polyurethane, which will also appeal to those who want the look, but want to avoid using animal skins.

When weighing up a jacket, don’t stop at the leather itself, says Clarke. “Check for the quality of zips and buttons. Zips should run very smoothly and freely while buttons will be made of natural materials like horn, mother of pearl and corozo. A cheaply made garment will rarely have high-quality trims.”

Key Leather Jacket Styles

Biker Jacket

The bad boy of the outerwear world, the biker is a cropped leather jacket, usually in black, complete with studs and asymmetric zips. Originally worn, unsurprisingly, by motorcyclists, the asymmetric cut was designed as such to allow riders to lean over their bikes without the fastenings digging into the body.

The earliest examples featured a snug fit with a D-pocket and lapels designed to snap down or fold over each other and zip all the way up. A rugged garment, honed from goatskin, cowhide or horsehide, this is the style worn by the likes of Marlon Brandon in the 1950s.

It’s largely a youthful, edgy style so is best worn with slim jeans, but it can (in the right office) be thrown over an Oxford shirt and knitted tie as a replacement for a blazer. Whichever you go for, always ensure whatever is underneath is lightweight, because this style should be cut close to the body.

el burgues aw17 mango man 2017 river island denim aw16

Field Jacket

One of the most underrated pieces of military menswear, the field jacket is a stone cold classic that was originally rendered in a cotton drill fabric, but has since been updated in leather.

The M-65, as it’s otherwise known, is usually slightly longer than other styles, with multiple front pockets and belted at the waist. Often buttoned with a hidden placket, it looks particularly good in rich brown leather and as it falls below the waist, it will keep you warmer and better shield you from the elements.

“This is the bread and butter of brands like Barbour and Belstaff,” says menswear blogger Neil Thornton, who has worked for leading department stores like Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Harrods. “It’s the perfect winter style, even more so if you live in the countryside, styled with fitted jeans, a chunky knit and a classic pair of Chelsea boots.”

how to wear a leather field jacket

bally 2015 massimo dutti 2017 hugo boss pre spring 2016

Bomber Jacket

The OG flight jacket has become a bona fide menswear staple in its own right in recent years, and it’s not difficult to understand why.

Though consistent in its simple shape – a cropped body featuring a central zip and fitted waist and cuffs – it can be rendered in anything from shiny nylon to soft, supple leather.

One of the most versatile outerwear silhouettes a man can own, the bomber jacket has been favoured on screen by everyone from Steve McQueen to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. It can take its wearer from skinhead to Scandinavian chic, but the safest pairing is with raw denim and a simple white T-shirt or chambray shirt.

how to wear a leather bomber jacket

reiss 2017 bally 2015 zara 2017

Racer Jacket

Aside from the military and sportswear, one of menswear’s biggest influences is the automotive world – driving shoes, ribbed-knee jeans et al. Bring the two together and wrap them in leather and what you have is the racer jacket.

On returning home from World War II, many soldiers caught the bug for souping-up pre-war motorbikes to be raced them between local pubs and cafes, creating the need for a streamlined, minimalist leather racing jacket. Heavy horsehide and a strong main zipper was deemed to provide enough protection for the boy racers, and by the 1960s the style otherwise known as the ‘Cafe Racer’ had gone mainstream.

“This one’s easy to wear and flatters the body,” says Thornton. “It’s great for showcasing broad shoulders, or you can opt for a thicker leather if you have more of a slight body shape to accentuate what you don’t have.”

how to wear leather racer jackets

Idle Man zara 2017 zara 2017

Flight Jacket

Arguably the daddy of all leather jackets, as the name suggests, the flight jacket was originally created for pilots. Bulky, and with a shearling lining for warmth, today it’s a statement investment piece for both airmen and stylish civilians alike.

To stay cool in more ways than one, ensure you don’t go overboard with the layering. Keep it simple and contemporary with plain trousers and a light gauge knit or T-shirt. “Balance the weight of the jacket by making sure the rest of your outfit is slim-fit and tailored,” says Thornton.

If you’re worried that you’ll look like you’re on your way to a Blitz-themed fancy dress party, try an option without the sheepskin collar. That’s close to what Harrison Ford wore as Indiana Jones.

how to wear a leather flight jacket

mango man Michael Kors aw15 Crombie aw16

Faux Leather Jackets

Faux leather jackets: For all of its cool cred, a real leather jacket is not the most animal-friendly. So, if you’re passionately vegan but still want to tap into that failsafe rockstar vibe, then a faux leather jacket is an option.

Faux leather has an unfair but not wholly unwarranted reputation for looking cheap and shiny. The key then is to try before you buy in-store and see how the jacket looks with your own eyes instead of buying online. It also tends not to last as long as real leather and will be thinner which might work if you’re looking to just try the style out or for a slimmer fit than thick real leather which can sometimes drown the wearer.

How To Wear A Faux Leather Jacket

topman zara mango man mango man

The Best Leather Jacket Brands


A brand favoured by everyone from A-list actors to the Pope, Belstaff has been making motorcycle gear since the 1920s. While offering different styles of leather jackets, the British brand is perhaps best known for its long, belted styles.

Look for options that have been hand-waxed for an authentic worn-in feel that will ensure your jacket only gets better with age. It’s also a water-repellent treatment, meaning you shouldn’t be afraid to wear it in light rain.

belstaff OUTLAW LEATHER JACKET  - click to buy BELSTAFF Trialmaster Leather Jacket - click to buy BELSTAFF Danescroft Slim-Fit Shearling-Lined Leather Jacket - click to buy


Named after the village of Cromford in Derbyshire, the birthplace of the industrial revolution, this brand has been a specialist in leather, suede and shearling for over 45 years. Based on Marylebone’s Chiltern Street, it offers bespoke, made-to-measure and an alterations service alongside its own collection, all handmade in London.

Clients include celebrities and wardrobe designers for films, presumably seduced by the brand’s superlative crop of leathers, which are hand-picked from small tanneries around Europe.

the best Cromford leather jackets

bale bomber jacket - Click to buy CAINE racer jacket - Click to buy hoffman safari jacket - Click to buy

Schott NYC

For over a century, the Schott family has created authentic products in the USA. Irving Schott designed and produced the first leather motorcycle jacket for a Long Island Harley Davidson distributor. To this new generation of bikers, the Perfecto was a symbol of the excitement, adventure and danger.

This is the jacket Marlon Brando was wearing, perched on his motorcycle in The Wild One – and it’s said that James Dean was hardly seen without his. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, the Perfecto was the uniform for rock stars like The Ramones, Blondie, Joan Jett and The Sex Pistols. It’s one of those rare designs that will always be cool, but the brand has also expanded its expertise to make high-quality racer and flight jackets, too.

the best schott leather jackets

Schott NYC perfecto leather jacket - Click to buy Schott NYC classic racer motorcycle jacket - Click to buy Schott NYC a2 leather flight jacket - Click to buy Schott NYC Hand Oiled Lightweight Naked Perfecto Motorcycle Jacket - Click to buy


Founded in 1994, AllSaints is well-known for its leather jackets, and offers one of the comprehensive selections on the high street. Ideal for those looking for a grunge look, the signature style here is a washed and slightly distressed finish in cropped modern styles such as bikers and bombers.

As is to be expected of a brand that designs with a hefty dose of rock ‘n’ roll attitude, expect soft, supple leathers, all cut slim in a palette of dark greys and blacks that complements the rest of the mainline collection.

The Best AllSaints Leather Jackets

ALL SAINTS Callon Jacket - click to buy ALL SAINTS Mower Leather Bomber - click to buy ALL SAINTS Manor Biker - click to buy


Swedish mega-retailer H&M offers real and faux leather jackets at extremely keen prices. Buying high street means you can be more experimental, fashion-led and own more than one design without having to sell your car.

But it’s not just about basic styles, alongside imitation leather bikers for the cost of a night out, it also offers premium quality real leather jackets that still belie their price tag. The range changes fairly frequently but the brand tends to stick with tried and tested styles.

The Best H&M Leather Jackets

h&m Leather biker jacket - click to buy h&m Biker jacket - click to buy h&m Biker jacket - click to buy h&m Biker jacket - click to buy


The Norton Motorcycle Company – formerly Norton Motors – is a British motorcycle marque, originally from Birmingham. It was founded in 1898 as a manufacturer of “fittings and parts for the two-wheel trade,” but the fashion side of the business is now Spanish-owned and produces a full range of motorcycle-inspired leather jackets that tap into the brand’s heritage.

Expect a mix of classic and contemporary styles, with its cafe racer styles – complete with contrast arm stripe – being the stand-out pieces.

The Best Norton Leather Jackets

Norton MARK JACKET - click to buy Norton COMMANDO LEATHER JACKET - click to buy Norton HISLOP JACKET - click to buy Norton Mccandless - click to buy

Saint Laurent

The renaissance of Keanu Reeves hit a fever pitch when the seasoned thespian starred in a series of black and white ads for the luxury fashion house, Saint Laurent. Reeves, of course, looked majestic but the pics would have been nothing if not for the beautifully simple Saint Laurent leather jacket Reeves was sporting.

The black LJ has become a staple for the most rock and roll label in high fashion with a clean, minimalist design and an arena-ready slim cut, this is the leather jacket as shipped by Hollywood’s finest.

The Best Saint Laurent Leather Jackets

Saint Laurent Shearling-Lined Leather Aviator Jacket- click to buy Saint Laurent Slim-Fit Textured-Leather Biker Jacket - click to buy Saint Laurent LEATHER BOMBER JACKET WITH MULTIPLE ZIPPERS - click to buy Saint Laurent JACKET WITH WESTERN CUTOUTS IN SMOOTH MILLED LAMBSKIN - click to buy


Offering high fashion takes for those with a high street budget, Zara is the affordable place to make a statement. Real leather jackets that tip just over the £100 mark, slot in with faux leather options that come in just under.

The range of styles is broad from straightforward bombers to eye-boggling puffer jackets, but the real stars this season are the chunky aviator jackets topped off with a gallant shearling collar.

The Best Zara Leather Jackets

Zara LEATHER BOMBER JACKET - click to buy Zara LEATHER BIKER JACKET - click to buy Zara LEATHER BIKER JACKET - click to buy Zara LEATHER JACKET WITH POCKETS - click to buy


King of the Scandi brands, Acne Studios kicks the minimalist cliche by favouring a more maximalist high fashion approach. This comes forth in its soft-like-butter Napa leather jackets from runway sized collars and an overload of metallic zips, to wholly unnecessary but undeniably elegant belted waists.

Fits at Acne are either oversized or cropped high and cut extremely tight around the shoulders. There’s no middle ground when you want to stand out.

The Best Acne Leather Jackets



Spanish high street giant Mango Man represents a more classic style than its edgier, slave-to-the-trends counterparts along the road. Expect sleek design then with subtle touches that don’t feel overcooked in a range of styles as you’d expect from a mass-appealing high street store.

Dusty brown shades offer an alternative to polished black, while the stand-out style is a straightforward biker jacket free from all those shiny, flashy zips and with a neat notched lapel pinched from tailoring.

mango man Backstitching nappa biker jacket - click to buy mango man Zipper nappa biker jacket - click to buy mango man Lapels nappa biker jacket - click to buy mango man Faux shearling nappa aviator jacket - click to buy

Real McCoy’s

Cult Japanese vintage brand Real McCoy’s is heavily influenced by ’50s and ’60s Americana, so when it comes to its world-class range of leather jackets think more Marlon Brando in 1953 classic The Wild One than anything crafted this century.

With the vintage style locked down, look out for exemplary touches from retro gold Talon zippers and a more eco-friendly vegetable tanning process to curved outer pocket stitching and a silky rayon lining.

The Best Real McCoys

Real Mccoys 30'S SPORTS JACKET / DISFARMER - click to buy Real Mccoys TYPE A-1 REAL MCCOY MFG. CO. - click to buy Real Mccoys BUCO J-100 LEATHER RACER SHIRT  - click to buy Real Mccoys JH-1 HORSEHIDE LEATHER JACKET - click to buy


In keeping with its signature tailored aesthetic, premium label Reiss offers a range of close-fitting leather jackets like the bomber and racer that are cut as well as its suits.

Sitting at the high end of the high street, the increased price tags tend to be matched by a better quality of leather and stronger finishes on the zips and buttons than you find elsewhere.

The Best Reiss Leather Jackets


Lewis Leathers

As the trading name of Britain’s oldest motorcycle clothing company, D. Lewis, you can practically smell the fumes with the leather jackets from this authentic biker label, established in 1892.

The firm supplied early aviators, motorists and motorcyclists with protective clothing against the cold and damp British climate. Then, in the mid-1950s, it produced the Bronx leather jacket, one of the first products aimed directly at the post-war teenage fashion market, which was widely adopted by the ton-up boys and rockers of the 1960s. We strongly advise you do the same.

The best men's Lewis Leathers biker jackets

twin track bronx no.440 - Click to buy dominator no.551 - Click to buy lumber jacket no.699 - Click to buy super sportsman no.68 - Click to buy

The Dos And Don’ts Of Leather Jackets

Don’t: Use Your Local Dry Cleaner

“The results of professional cleaning are not always satisfactory and often changes the appearance and finish of the skin for the worse,” says Clarke, who suggests visiting a specialist or doing the dirty work yourself.

“Use a damp cloth or sponge with soapy water – no bleach – to wipe clean any marks, but try first in an area which will not be visible, e.g. inside hems or the underarm area. Then dry with a clean soft cloth.”

Do: Buy A Jacket That Suits

It’s imperative to find a jacket that feels comfortable and suits your image. Trend-led styles come and go, so opt for one of the classic shapes above and you’ll be able to wear it with more, for longer.

Don’t: Wear It In The Rain

“This will result in the skin becoming dry and stiff,” says Clarke. If you do, and your jacket hasn’t first been waterproofed, allow it to dry naturally away from hear, then follow up with a conditioner or leather renewal lotion to stop it from cracking.

Do: Go Neutral

As with most pieces hanging in your wardrobe, if you want to get the most wear out of a leather jacket, it pays to opt for black or, at a push, brown over anything too brightly coloured.

Don’t: Assume You Have To Buy New

If your wallet doesn’t stretch a new style, think about vintage. Here it pays to shop offline as the smell, condition and general fit are best examined in person.

Do: Store It Correctly

“Hang your jacket on a rounded or padded hanger. Leather draped over sharp shapes will stretch and mould to said shape,” says Clarke.

Don’t: Think You’re “The One”

The Matrix was a very stylish movie but try to cop Neo’s coat (anything that ends lower than the top of your thighs, really) and you’ll look like a 1990s doorman at a bad nightclub.

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9 Men’s Jumpers That Will Never Go Out Of Fashion

In the bleak midwinter, as the carol doesn’t put it, you need knitwear. Today, there is a number of high-tech thermo-regulating fabrics that will keep you warm with greater efficiency, but, it must be said, not with the same style.

Since knitting is one of the oldest means of making clothes, it’s natural that it has given rise to some of the oldest styles of clothing too. Their survival into the 21st century makes every one a classic.

Pick your style, yarn and the weight of your jumper according to your needs – as a base layer against the skin, mid-layer under a denim jacket, or even as serious outerwear.

Everyone from James Dean to Ernest Hemingway has made natty knitwear look like their outfit’s main event. Cable knits, cardigans, sweatshirts and Breton tops are all high-impact options in a man’s wardrobe.

Just remember to keep yours clean or packed away airtight – it’s the oils absorbed from the wearer’s skin that attracts those pesky moths. And few things are as disappointing as pulling out your favourite jumper for another cold season of duty to find it looks more like lace. That’s not a good look at all.

9 Men’s Jumper Styles To Try This Season

Crew Neck

A crew neck knit is probably the most anodyne of all jumper styles. But then, it’s hard to argue with the idea that, as a result, it’s also the most versatile. The simple design can be worn with just about anything casually – over a shirt or T-shirt – and even with a suit or check blazer. Available in different weights – from fine merino through to chunky highland – it’s the easiest winter jumper choice any man can make when in a hurry.

A plain design works best (and is essential for office outfits) despite recent seasons pushing intarsia – when a random pattern or image is knitted into the sweater. If that’s your preference, go abstract to avoid CJD – Christmas Jumper Delusion, the belief that such a style can be worn on any day other than December 25th.


The Best Crew Neck Jumpers For Men

reiss WESSEX MERINO WOOL JUMPER - click to buy M&S COLLECTION Pure Extra Fine Lambswool Crew Neck Jumper - click to buy suitsupply DARK BROWN CREWNECK jumper - click to buy

Fishermans Knit

The hardiest of all men’s jumpers, the close-fitting form and dense weave of the fishermans knit is guaranteed to see you through the harshest of days. Small wonder, given that it was originally devised for wear at sea. The Guernsey, as it’s otherwise known, is also knitted so that it can be worn either way round, which is useful when dressing in the dark, as well as so that any holes can be easily knitted over.

The Channel Islands may have originated the style, but it’s been common to most historic British fishing communities. Indeed, the patterns knitted into the jumper style were localised so that it allowed the identification of any fisherman lost at sea, should their body be recovered. Think on that next time you’re wearing one all cosy by the pub fire.

Scotch & SodaScotch & Soda

jigsaw WOOL CASHMERE RIB CREW NECK JUMPER - click to buy ARKET MoulinE Wool Cotton Jumper  - click to buy BURTON Twist Fisherman Rib Crew Neck Jumper - click to buy

Roll Neck

The origins of the roll neck – and its cousins, such as the funnel neck and mock neck – are positively medieval. The style was created as an undergarment for ye olde knights, who needed to protect their necks from chafing chainmail. Jump forward half a millennia, and it took English playwright Noel Coward to make the look popular in the 1920s.

However you wear yours, it’s an eminently wintery one, effectively having a built-in scarf. Arguably the roll neck does its best work when dressed up with a suit – liberating men from the need for a shirt and tie – but a casual pairing with chinos is not one to be overlooked either.

Massimo Dutti Roll NeckMassimo Dutti

The Best Roll Necks For Men

suitsupply NAVY TURTLENECK - click to buy reiss BERNARDO BOUCLE ROLLNECK JUMPER - click to buy M&S AUTOGRAPH Pure Cashmere Roll Neck Jumper - click to buy


Fitted cardigans are not easy to wear, unless you’re a Mod aficionado and completist in your style. The cardigan came well before the scooter-riding lads of the 1960s, though: an easy-on, easy-off layer devised by the 7th Earl of Cardigan in the 19th century, no less, to wear while on campaign in the Crimean War.

The chunky cardigan complete with a shawl collar is a wardrobe staple. It’s at once comforting and comfortable, and is the ideal ‘house coat’. But, thanks to iconic fans the likes of John F. Kennedy and Steve McQueen – who wore theirs over a white T-shirt or button-down Oxford shirt – it’s become a casual classic too.

Mango Man CardiganMango Man

suitsupply GREY CARDIGAN - click to buy RAG & BONE Cardiff Shawl-Collar Merino Wool And Cotton-Blend Cardigan - click to buy next Shawl Cardigan - click to buy

Cable Knit

Like the fishermans pull-over, the cable-knit jumper has its origins in the unforgiving conditions of deep-sea fishing, specifically those off the most westerly point of Ireland, where the Aran Islands are found.

The cable takes its inspiration from the fisherman’s rope, and the diamond pattern often knitted from the fisherman’s net. It’s intricate work. But it also helps make for an incredibly functional garment (the wool used traditionally has a high lanolin content, making it water repellent).

And if it really chucks it down? The proper cable knit sweater can take on 30 per cent of its weight in water before the wearer feels wet. All of which is another way of saying this is true winter wear, always good with jeans or casual trousers.

Bershka Cable KnitBershka

suitsupply NAVY CREWNECK - click to buy GANT Grey Crew Neck Knit Jumper - click to buy The Edinburgh Woollen Mill ARAN CABLE KNIT JUMPER - click to buy

V-Neck Jumper

Despite being a hallmark of golfers and the wilfully middle-aged, the V-neck sweater is one of the more surprisingly versatile jumper styles around. In fairness, it does originate in golf attire – as a long-sleeved version of the fair isle tank top, which Edward VII made popular for play. But today the style is wearable over a shirt and tie, so works for business-casual, but can also figure over a T-shirt, albeit less successfully.

Best still avoided is the V-neck sweater over nothing: Michael Douglas’s character in Basic Instinct was castigated for this style choice, though in retrospect it looks almost edgy. Today it might pass if the jumper was in a sufficiently lightweight merino wool, but it’s still a bit ‘Hollywood leading male’ photoshoot. And whatever you do, avoid anything labeled ‘deep V’. Shudder.

Mango Man V-Neck JumperMango Man

uniqlo MEN CASHMERE V NECK JUMPER - click to buy next Cotton Rich V-Neck - click to buy h&m V-neck merino wool jumper - click to buy

Loopback Sweatshirt

After sneakers, the sweatshirt is arguably sport’s definitive contribution to men’s style. Devised by Russell Athletic as a hard-wearing, comfortable, absorbent layer for athletes to wear to keep warm, these days it’s one of those reassuring go-to garments that can get better with age.

Up until the 1970s, many were made using a slow and complicated loopback knitting technique, which gave an all-cotton sweatshirt density and stretch but allowed it to hold its shape. That went out with cheap cotton-polyester versions. In more recent years, however, loopback styles have – driven by Japanese Americana obsessives – made a welcome return.


LES GIRLS LES BOYS Mélange Brushed Loopback Cotton-Jersey Sweatshirt - click to buy SUNSPEL LOOPBACK SWEAT TOP - click to buy ALEX MILL Mélange Loopback Cotton-Jersey Sweatshirt - click to buy

Breton Stripe Knit

The Breton top might be hard to wear without prompting jokey questions along the lines of ‘where are your onions?’ And ‘have you lost your beret?’ Such is the quintessential Frenchness of the style.

This cotton, boat-neck top was created for the French Navy during the 1850s, the stripes – traditionally 21, blue-on-white, said to mark each of Napoleon’s victories – were chosen to help sailors spot a man overboard.

It was a staple style for Riviera-era Pablo Picasso and The Great Gatsby writer F. Scott – and makes for an easy way into pattern, worn with jeans or khakis or under a blazer. Just check out Cary Grant in To Catch A Thief.

River IslandRiver Island

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Knitted Zip-Up Jumper

Like the idea of a cardigan but not quite ready to start emulating your dad’s dress sense yet? Switch the buttons out for a zipper to bring this conservative knitted garment up to date.

The dad comment may have been a little unfair, but there’s no shying away from the fact that a knitted cardigan is hardly at the cutting edge of modern menswear. That’s no problem for some, but if you like your knitwear a little more fashion-forward, then the contemporary aspect offered by the addition of a zipper could be what you need.

Whether it’s a full zip-through design, or simply a three-quarter zip, it’s a simple way of giving this menswear classic a modern edge. Layer up with Oxford shirt, unstructured blazer and wool overcoat, or dress things down with a light jacket, tailored joggers and a pair of suede running shoes.


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The Best Gore-Tex Jackets You Can Buy In 2019

What do a 60-year-old birdwatcher and that cool streetwear guy you follow on Instagram have in common? Chances are, not a great deal. Until you begin to examine their choice of technical outerwear, that is. The answer is a Gore-Tex jacket.

It’s a name you’ve no doubt seen stitched into the kind of gear worn by alpinists and hikers. But anyone with even a passing interest in fashion will have also spotted it cropping up under the banners of some of the world’s most distinguished and sought-after designer labels.

Fashion’s uncharacteristic obsession with utilitarian detail and outdoor clobber in recent years has created a perfect storm for this technical fabric to flourish. Partly because storms are what Gore-Tex deals with best, but also because the stuff is highly versatile, and just so happens to look the part when stitched together into an everyday wardrobe hero.

To bring you up to speed, here’s everything you need to know about the groundbreaking fabric, including what exactly it is and where to buy the best Gore-Tex jackets for styling out the wet season.

What Is Gore-Tex?

Created by father and son duo Wilbert and Bob Gore in 1969, Gore-Tex is a semi-permeable membrane that allows sweat to escape while remaining completely watertight. It does this by using microscopic pores that are 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet, but 700 times larger than a water vapour molecule.

The unparalleled functionality of Gore-Tex has made it the go-to fabric for performance outerwear, and something of a byword for waterproof gear, whether deployed on shoes designed for climbing mountains or cool jackets. Think of it as what Heinz is to beans, or what Dyson is to vacuum cleaners that are fun to go around corners with.

There are plenty of variations of the fabric, too. Gore-Tex Pro, for example, boasts increased durability. You could probably blast it with a riot van water cannon for a month and it still wouldn’t let a drop through. Meanwhile, Gore-Tex Paclite and Gore-Tex Active provide lighter alternatives for outdoor workouts and day-to-day use.

Is Gore-Tex Waterproof?

In a word, yes. Gore-Tex is waterproof. That little detail is the brand’s number-one selling point. However, while a Gore-Tex jacket will never let water through, the outer layer must have its durable water repellent (DWR) coating refreshed every now and then if the liquids are to keep beading off like water off a duck’s back.

Not doing so won’t stop the jacket from being waterproof, it just means that the shell can become saturated and heavy in rainy conditions.

How To Wash Gore-Tex

To keep your Gore-Tex jacket performing as it was intended, occasional washing is required.

To do so, ensure all zips are securely fastened and wash at 40 degrees with a small amount of liquid detergent.

For best results, air-dry the garment. Once it’s no longer wet, tumble dry it for 20 minutes. The heat will reactivate the DWR coating.

If the outer layer isn’t beading liquids, you can purchase a DWR and reapply it yourself. Beware not to use it if your jacket is made from Gore-Tex Shakedry, though, it’ll work just fine without it.

How To Find The Best Gore-Tex Jacket

Picking a Gore-Tex jacket isn’t just about the fabric. There are a few other variables you’ll want to take into account when shopping for your new waterproof.


A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. That means, Gore-Tex or not, if there’s somewhere for water to get in, it still will.

A good Gore-Tex jacket will come equipped with waterproof, rubberised zippers that lock the elements out, or at the very least, a storm flap that covers the zipper. That last thing you want is water pooling in your pockets.



Gore-Tex is highly breathable. However, if you’re going to be pushing your jacket to its limits by doing a HIIT workout up Ben Nevis, a little added breathability can help.

Pit zippers are an excellent way of letting some of the excess heat out, but make sure they’re watertight. Alternatively, some jackets use a mix of Gore-Tex and Gore-Tex Paclite to reduce weight and increase breathability in key areas, like the back and underarms.



Drawcords provide a handy way to tailor your jacket to your exact requirements. Examine the quality of the toggles and other hardware, as this is a good signifier of overall quality.

A good Gore-Tex jacket will have a drawcord at the hem and either one or two in the hood (one for adjusting the size of the hood from the back and another for decreasing and increasing the diameter of the face opening.)


Taped Seams

Gore-Tex may be fully waterproof, but unless the seams of the jacket itself are ‘taped’, the hundreds of holes left behind by stitching won’t be.

Taped seams – a process in which a machine melts a coating over the seams to seal them – prevent water from creeping in at a jackets weak points. If a Gore-Tex jacket doesn’t have them, don’t buy it. Simple.


The Best Gore-Tex Jacket Brands


Scandanavians are no strangers to a bout of adverse weather. Perhaps that’s why they’re so good at making raincoats. Case in point: Haglöfs.

The Swedish outdoor brand is known for its innovative approach to staying dry. Streamlined cuts, technical details and supreme functionality are all par for the course. Look out for fusion designs incorporating more than one type of Gore-Tex fabric for increased performance out in the elements.

Buy Now: £450.00



Arc’teryx is the Tesla of the technical outerwear world. The gear is so advanced it may as well have been leaked from Area 51, and the prices are fittingly exorbitant.

Still, if you’re willing to take the plunge, you’ll see why the best mountaineers, alpinists and athletes favour the Canadian brand’s jackets above any other. They’re made with surgical attention to detail, no unnecessary gimmicks and top-tier Gore-Tex materials as standard.

Buy Now: £330.00


Nike ACG

Nike’s techwear-leaning ACG (All Conditions Gear) brand may no longer under the direction of Acronym legend Errolson Hugh, however the techninja aesthetic has survived, and there are still some very sharp Gore-Tex jackets to be had.

Expect a mixed colour palette of moody grey and shadowy black alongside fluorescent yellow and punchy pink. For Gore-Tex jackets with street appeal, you’d struggle to do better.

Buy Now: $259.90



If you like the idea of superior build quality and attention to detail, but don’t want to walk around the city dressed like you’re on your way to go heliskiing up the Matterhorn, Veilance is the solution.

The moody, minimalist arm of revered Canadian outdoors label Arc’teryx, Veilance takes the same trademark precision engineering and applies it to everyday silhouettes. Didn’t think there was such a thing as a Gore-Tex blazer? Think again.

Buy Now: £880.00

Arc'teryx Veilance Partition AC Hooded Coat

The North Face

Arguably the biggest name in outdoor gear, Gore-Tex jackets have become something of a calling card for The North Face.

The Californian label has been making waterproof outerwear for decades, which over the years have been bolstered by a number of high-profile hookups. There’s a long-running collaboration with hallowed skate brand Supreme, as well as The North Face Purple Label, a Japan-exclusive line with fellow Gore-Tex lovers Nanamica. If you’re looking for a brand to blame for fashion’s appropriation of dog-walking jackets, TNF is a good place to start.

Buy Now: £1436.00

Supreme The North Face Mountain Parka Blue/White


Want to stay dry and do your bit for sustainability, too? A Gore-Tex jacket from Patagonia should do the trick.

The Californian outdoor brand has long been celebrated for its commitment to ethical and environmentally friendly production techniques. Couple that with a knack for a good fit and a dose of retro styling and you’re onto a winner.

Buy Now: £719.00



Hailing from the outerwear-obsessed nation of Japan, Nanamica is a label that has garnered praise for its masterful fusion of casual and technical.

The brand’s key pieces are its jackets. Often constructed using Gore-Tex and employing techniques usually reserved for performance gear, these are garments built to withstand anything a mountain could throw at them but with styling that wouldn’t look out of place down the pub.

Buy Now: £755.00

NANAMICA Cruiser GORE-TEX Hooded Jacket

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Where is My Drain Line Cleanout Located?

Sewer lines are essential items of plumbing framework that assist relocate water and waste away from your house. While the city cares for the municipal sewage system pipes, it’s the home owner’s responsibility to maintain those drain pipes that drop within his/her property lines. If there’s a reduced section in the pipeline, water as well as waste can build up there and also create a clog with time. It’s important to recognize where your drain line cleanout gain access to port is so you can rapidly eliminate any obstructions within the drain pipeline as well as recover flow in the sewer system.

Take a look at your plot plans

One of the best means to find the place of your sewage system line cleanout accessibility port is to take a look at the crafted story prepare for the house. Drain service lines will certainly be revealed on these records, and can lead you to the cleanout point. These maps will be necessary tools to assist specialists avoid the lines when digging is required.

Browse in most likely places

If you don’t have plot strategies or can’t determine the cleanout access on the map, begin looking in the places where the sewage system line cleanout is more than likely to be. The cleanout is normally a 4-inch-diameter pipeline with a screw cap that has a square handle or impression on the top. It’s most likely going to be popping up from the ground outside your home between the structure and also the street. The cleanout might also get on the side of the house, closest to the restroom.

Cleanout gain access to ports may also be found in the basement or covered by drywall, however these aren’t normal for most houses. If it’s within the wall surface, you’ll require to eliminate parts of the drywall to seek it, but this can get untidy rapidly. Ensure to carefully avoid cords as well as various other pipelines.

Call a specialist

When all else falls short, look to a pipes professional to locate your sewer line cleanout access.

These specialists have the abilities as well as devices essential to swiftly discover your cleanout access port and also get rid of any kind of blockages that exist. If it’s within the wall surface, plumbing professionals can often identify where it is as well as get to it with as little damage as well as disturbance to your residence as possible.

This will certainly be vital to preventing added repair service prices as well as ensuring that the problem is repaired the very first time. If your residence is not geared up with a cleanout access port, it’s well worth the money to have a plumbing professional install one for you to make future sewage system cleanings a much easier procedure.

A clogged up sewer line can lead to damages and undesirable odors. Recognizing where your drain cleanout is can help you remove any type of obstructions and also obtain your lines back right into functioning order. Contact a Roto-Rooter specialist today to locate your sewage system line cleanout and also attend to the circumstance.


Golf Bags: What To Select

Your golf bag is a piece of golf device that allows you to bring all your other equipment with you such as the clubs, tees, markers, and perhaps an umbrella or towel. This piece of equipment does not always have direct effects on your video game but might have excellent impact on your overall video game, convenience and fatigue level.

See more about bags at 4bag.

There are 2 significant things that might affect your option of golf bag- the gears that you will put into the way and the bag you will bring the bag. Are you utilizing a caddie or a golf cart?

To these, there are basically 3 kinds of golf bags: the staff bag or the trip bag the travel or carry bag and the cart bag.

The biggest choice of golf bags is personnel or the trip bags. Most expert golf players utilize this type of golf bags as they constantly have caddies with them. Good personnel bags are usually made of leather and other premium materials and are relatively extremely priced.

If smaller sized bags appeal to you and you are believing of carrying your own bag, you may chose to have the travel or the carry bag. There are likewise specialized carry bags for junior golf players.

The bulk of travel bags are made of plastic, nylon and other lighter materials. There are bring bags that have added features that might expand the ease of usage.

Cart golf bags. These are reasonably smaller than the trip bags. Using this kind of golf bag might need the help of a cart or caddie given that it is more large than most trip bags. As the name suggests, cart bags are developed precisely to be utilized by golf carts. These have lower pockets and are typically made of light materials.

When choosing golf bags, things to think about

– Given that you have a caddie with you, the size and weight of the golf bag might not always trouble you, unless it has actually become too heavy for your caddie. The weight specially won’t matter if you are using a golf cart. However, if you mean to walk around the golf course while carrying your bag then it would be most ideal for you to choose the not-so-heavy bag that may contain all the devices you need without being bulky. The most ideal in this case is the carry bag with a stand.

– The first concern that would probably emerge is” how much the bag will be”. Like with many things, the more loan your pocket may enable you, the more features you may get. You may purchase golf bags for as low as $40 nevertheless, costs might rise to $500. If your budget plan is limited, it is best to stick to a golf bag that has more features than what its rate might previously recommend. Finding for such might be a painstaking job however it will after all be for excellent.

– It is fairly crucial to bear in mind of the function of the bag. It is suggested for you to purchase a bag that has numerous side pockets if you are usually bring lot of equipments throughout your video game. If you prefer to bring along the most standard equipments, lots of pockets might not necessarily be of the preliminary requirements.

As mentioned in the start of this post, golf bags don’t have direct results on the result of the games. It is not bad though to get some of the life’s satisfaction.

The biggest choice of golf bags is personnel or the tour bags. If smaller bags appeal to you and you are believing of bring your own bag, you might selected to have the travel or the bring bag. There are likewise specialized bring bags for junior golf gamers.

Using this kind of golf bag may need the help of a cart or caddie since it is more large than a lot of trip bags. If you plan to stroll around the golf course while bring your bag then it would be most perfect for you to select the not-so-heavy bag that may consist of all the devices you need without being large.

The Best New Menswear To Buy Right Now

Beams Plus Knitted Rugby Shirt

Japanese menswear don Beams Plus has torn the rule-book in two with this sportswear-influenced rugby shirt mashed together with an ol’ winter favourite the wooly jumper. It’s a tidy number that will work wonders as a preppy alternative to a cotton-button down underneath your office-ready blazer. Peak Ametora for those in the know.

Buy Now: £149.00

Tudor Black Bay Chronograph Dark Watch

Rugby World Cup fever is just about to go crazy with the tournament set to kick off next week. Taking advantage of the delirium, Tudor watches has linked up with brand ambassadors the All Blacks to release a special edition chronograph limited to just 1181 pieces – the number of players who have represented the nation at the sport. Its an all-black beauty too with a satin-brushed steel bracelet, a chunky tachymeter bezel and a mighty 70-hour power reserve.

Buy Now: £4,260

Tudor Black Bay Chronograph Dark Watch

Reiss Turner Crew Neck Jumper

You don’t have to wait for Christmas to crack out the statement knitwear. Swerve Rudolph for now and invest in this picture-perfect wool blend jumper from Reiss, colour blocked in shades of grey, navy and blue to resemble a coastal landscape painting. If you squint.

Buy Now: £115.00


Colmar Beanie Hat

Whether you’re bombing it down Verbier this winter or just need something to cover up a bad hair day, this winning beanie from Italian ski-wear brand Colmar should serve you well thanks to a subtle two-tone texture that won’t encroach on the rest of your ‘fit.

Buy Now: £42.00


Percival Cotton Suede Western Jacket

Western style – think cowboy boots and yoked shirts – rode back into town from the frontiers of fashion earlier this year, but it’s still a big look to pull off. It’s easier to just wear pieces influenced by the trend like this jacket from British indie Percival that comes in a plush cotton suede with top stitching across the chest for a flattering fit and some ginormous inner pockets. Ideal for carrying your designer lasso in.

Buy Now: £159.00

Western Jacket Black Cotton Suede

Les Basics x Gloverall Coach Jacket

Elder statesman and outerwear pioneer Gloverall is passing on the torch with its latest collaboration, linking up with up-and-coming menswear brand and fellow Brit Les Basics for a four-coat capsule collection that takes the former’s years of expert craftsmanship and combines them the latter’s signature minimalist treatment.

Buy Now: £375.00

Le Coach Jacket - Navy/Grey

Rotary Heritage Stainless Steel Watch

In anticipation for its 125th birthday next year, Swiss-born, UK-homed watchmaker Rotary is delving into the time machine to bring back three retro watches from its archives, each one limited to just 300 pieces. We’re enjoying the vintage stylings on this slinky number with an eye-catching, contrasting black crosshair across the dial and a bubble mineral glass case.

Buy Now: £249.00

Rotary Heritage Stainless Steel Automatic

Stella McCartney x Hunter Boots

High fashion titan and eco-warrior Stella McCartney has joined forces with iconic British brand Hunter (whose creative director Alasdhair Willis is coincidentally married to McCartney) for a high fashion take on the latter’s iconic Wellington boot. Made in three different colourways, the shorter Chelsea boot silhouette means you can comfortably get away with them past festival season.

Buy Now: £320.00

Stella x Hunter Boots - Men

A.P.C. x Brain Dead T-Shirt

Take one achingly-hip French brand (A.P.C.), put them in a room with a Cali label influenced by underground subcultures (Brain Dead) and turn them both onto cult 1972 film Future Shock, and out you get one of the coolest collections of the year. The graphic tees are particularly striking, a neat splicing of the duo’s logos.

Buy Now: £95.00

A.P.C. x Brain Dead Spooky T-Shirt - Dark Navy

Cat Footwear x Axel Arigato Excelsior Sneakers

It’s official, with this latest collab between luxury sneaker hero Axel Arigato and the footwear branch of construction company CAT, we have reached peak chunky trainer. Not much smaller than a CAT digger, the monster tread dominates while the sleek leather, suede, and mesh have Axel Arigato stylish fingerprints all over them.

Buy Now: £220.00


Timberland Ecoriginal Bomber Jacket

Timberland creative director Christopher Raeburn’s influence is all over this latest ‘do good’ collection from the American outerwear giant. This bomber jacket stands out, made completely out of recycled materials, it’s a remodelled archive piece (a Raeburn signature) that’s got some strong streetwear vibes with its wavy stitching across the front and bold contrasting trims.

Buy Now: £210.00


Johnstons Of Elgin Animal Woodcut Merino Wool Scarf

Raise your scarf game this coming autumn with one of these new printed scarves from master knitwear makers Johnstons Of Elgin. Woven in its over 200-year-old mill in north Scotland, this extra fine merino wool knit comes with a detailed floral design inspired by a 1940s woodcut for an able mid-century ally to your army of elegant overcoats.

Buy Now: £99.00


Superdry Hollow Montana Rucksack

Keep all your bits and bobs safe and (super)dry as the weather starts to take a turn with this hardy rucksack from high street mainstay Superdry. It can contain an impressive 21 litres in its main compartment which should easily see you through a weekend getaway while the back has been padded for extra comfort.

Buy Now: £39.99

Hollow Montana Rucksack

Marks & Spencer Checked Slim Fit Jacket

The new season of menswear at British department store Marks & Spencer is as consistently great as ever. Make it the backbone of your smart-casual wardrobe with pieces like this checked blazer, the attractive monochromatic flecks just ready and waiting to team up sharply with some black jeans or chinos below.

Buy Now: £79.00

M&S COLLECTION Checked Slim Fit Jacket

Puma Storm Adrenaline Sneakers

Retro runners have been all the rage this year among sneakerheads, with Puma now entering the race with this stellar entry. The Puma Strom Adrenaline comes with suede overlays on top of a nylon mesh with a suitably wavy pattern on the foam cushioned unique sole for a dad trainer Jerry Seinfeld would give the two thumbs up too.

Buy Now: £74.99

Puma Storm Adrenaline Trainer | White / Peacoat

Mango Man Tudor Shirt

Bringing texture to your wardrobe is a job made easy with this jumbo cord shirt from Mango Man. The regular fit means it will work well on its own or as a useful overlayer while beige is a great autumn shade, neutral enough to pair well with the navy and blacks you should already have sitting on your rails.

Buy Now: £49.99

TUDOR - Shirt

Topman Brown Tipped Polo Shirt

The knitted polo shirt is a mid-century staple, but we’ve seen so many about the place this year you might as well call it a 2019 standard now too. The light shade of brown brings some added ’70s vibes while the tight cut of the sleeves will show off all those well-earned gains from the gym.

Buy Now: £25.00

Brown Tipped Ribbed Short Sleeve Polo

Byredo Slow Dance Eau D’Parfum

The latest magic potion from Swedish perfumery Byredo sees notes of sweet vanilla sidle up to fresh violet and smoky patchouli for a smell that’s meant to evoke those heady first days of falling in love. Who knew Tinder could smell so good?

Buy Now: £110.00

Byredo Slow Dance Eau de Parfum

T.M. Lewin Herringbone Shirt

Having brought Jermyn Street tailoring to the high street for the past 30 years, T.M. Lewin continues to assert its top-notch craftsmanship with pieces like this smart-casual herringbone shirt, woven in one of the best mills in the world, Italy’s Albini, out of swanky Egyptian cotton.

Buy Now: £89.99

Albini Mill Herringbone Slim Fit Grey Single Cuff Shirt

Barbour Lanercost Long Sleeve Tee

Part of the Made for Japan collection by British heritage brand Barbour, this distinctive long-sleeved tee sets itself apart from the rest with a unique ribbed crossover neckline embellishing an already cracking set of green and white stripes and a flattering slim fit.

Buy Now: £79.95


Potato Head All Night Long T-Shirt

Sadly nothing to do with the Toy Story character of the same name, Potato Head is an ultra-hip beach club on the island of Bali, that also has a rather sweet side-hustle in the fashion world. Its latest merch edit is available at high-end retailer Dover Street Market and features a series of artistic camp collar shirts and unexpected tees, like this one with some sort of cubic angel made out of fire on the back.

Buy Now: £36.00

Potato Head All Night Long T-Shirt (White)

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Adidas LG SPZL: Our Sneakers Of The Week

Does anyone need more sneakers? A few pairs is probably enough, yet we still. Want. More. Luckily, regardless of what you’re looking for, our weekly round-up of the hottest drops this week covers all bases.

Whether you’re after the latest hype release from Adidas and Liam Gallagher, an updated Jordan classic, or the highly anticipated Palace collaboration with Reebok, these are our sneakers of the week.

Adidas LG SPZL

Liam Gallagher has long had a connection with Adidas. Back in his Oasis days, he and his brother Noel spearheaded the revival of terrace fashion, when half of Britain wore popped collar polo shirts, panelled pullovers, stone-washed jeans and some form of Adidas on their feet.

It’s not surprising, then, that this collaboration works. It helps of course that the trainers themselves are minimal in design and will work with just about whatever you pair them with. Unfortunately, they sold out faster than an Oasis reuinion gig, but for the seriously shoe-thirsty they can be picked up over on StockX for just over double what they retailed at.

Rarity Rating: 10/10
Design History: Inspired by Adidas archive styles and leisurewear
Best For: Liam Gallagher/Terrace fashion fans

Buy Now: £235.00

The Best Of The Rest

Adidas Stan Smith ‘Art’


If the idea of paying over the odds for a new release puts you off, here’s an alternative that gives you (almost) the same look as the LG SPZLs for significantly less. Stan Smiths may be some of the most widely worn trainers on the planet, but these are slightly different.

Instead of a perfectly placed all-green heel panel, this pair gets a block of colour, said to be inspired by geometry and modern art. It’s an unusual addition but one that works and does enough to differentiate them from the rest.

Rarity Rating: 6/10
Design History: Based on the Stan Smiths (Robert Haillets) of 1965
Best For: Those after Stan Smiths with a difference

Buy Now: £74.95

Mr P Larry

MR P. Larry Pebble-Grain Leather Sneakers

The in-house label from menswear etailer Mr Porter is full of wearable wardrobe heroes, and these Larry sneakers are no different. Made from black pebble-grain leather and with a just-chunky-enough white rubber sole, they’ll form the foundation of just about any off-duty outfit.

There are numerous minimal trainers out there, but what separates these is the panelling. Subtle but well-executed, the panels – one on the side, one at the heel – have been expertly constructed with hidden stitching, which helps to further their pared-back appeal.

Rarity Rating: 5/10
Design History: New design
Best For: Those with an eye for detail

Buy Now: £225.00

Nike Air Jordan III ‘Tinker’


The Air Jordan III is one of the most iconic trainer designs of all time. No question. But the final shoe wasn’t the original design. At the last minute before production began, designer Tinker Hatfield controversially removed the prominent Nike ’Swoosh’, giving the shoe a cleaner finish.

For this re-edition, the brand went back to the early sketches and brought back the Swoosh, for a trainer that takes on an entirely different look than the one His Airness wore on court. Other classic details return too, including the visible Air unit in the sole, ‘elephant’ print leather and the plastic Nike Air heel tab. Get these while you can.

Rarity Rating: 7.5/10
Design History: Based on Tinker Hatfield’s original sketches of the Jordan III in 1985
Best For: Nostalgic basketball nerds

Buy Now: £189.95

A.P.C. Jay

A.P.C. Jay Reflective-Panelled Suede Sneakers

Paris-based label A.P.C. is well-known for its use of minimal design, so it’s only right the brand would go with what it knows for this take on a hiking-style trainer. With simple lines, a chunky sole and large reflective panel across the middle, these will make quite a statement when photographed with a flash.

With their laid-back tonal grey upper, you can treat them as you would plain white sneakers. Slip them under selvedge denim and you can’t go too far wrong.

Rarity Rating: 6/10
Design History: New design inspired by hiking styles
Best For: Minimalists looking to mix things up

Buy Now: £230.00

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The Best New Menswear To Buy Right Now

Levi’s Folk City T-Shirt

Levi’s latest vintage collection, Folk City, is influenced by the musicians and beatniks of Greenwich Village in the early 1960s (think Bob Dylan and Jack Kerouac). It’s a stylish touchstone – understated and relaxed but with just the right sprinkle of rock and roll – perfect if you’re on the road or just rolling around town like a ‘stone.

Buy Now: £65.00

E. Tautz x Gloverall Smock Jacket

E. Tautz, the heritage British menswear brand with Patrick Grant at the helm is linking up with fellow British icon Gloverall this August for a trio of military-inspired waterproof jackets. Of the three, this camo cagoule stands out despite its best intentions with contrasting sleeves, a giant kangaroo pocket, and a concealed half-way zip.

Buy Now: £599.00

E. Tautz X Gloverall Smock Jacket

Mango Man Colour Block Sweater

If you’re looking for a safe jumper to wear around the office that strays from the plain navy and grey, then you can’t go far wrong with this classy colour-blocked number from Mango. Ribbed, contrasting hems, and a textured, cable knit construction add further interest on top of the central stripes.

Buy Now: £35.99

Color block cotton sweater

Zara Striped Shirt

We do harp on about it, but the Cuban collar is truly the quintessential summer shirt. If you haven’t picked up yours already this season then here’s an easy one to slide into your wardrobe from Zara with some fantastic faded stripes adding to the character of the design.

Buy Now: £25.99


Maison Kitsune Hidden Placket Shirt

Part-fashion label, part-record label, ice-cool French brand Maison Kitsune makes some of the slickest wares on the planet. Case in point is this fresh office-ready shirt which comes complete with high fashion touches like a hidden placket, double utilitarian chest pockets, and a suitably oversized fit.

Buy Now: £219.00


Asics x Vivienne Westwood Trainers

When we heard doyen of British fashion, Vivienne Westwood, was continuing her work with sneaker brand Asics we just knew it was going to be loud. Westwood hasn’t let us down either, with three pairs of angelic sneakers inspired by the late Baroque works of French artist François Boucher, that are a whole lot of art gallery chic, less park run fodder.

Buy Now: £129.95


Urban Outfitters BDG Pink Corduroy Shorts

Pink shorts might sound a bit too ’90s Miami go-go dancer for your man on the street to comprehend, but tone that shade down to a dusty hue and clad the shorts in a hearty corduroy like Urban Outfitters has done here and you’ve only gone and got yourself a set of summer shorts ready-made for the people.

Buy Now: £39.00

BDG Pink Corduroy Drawstring Shorts

Certina DS Action Diving Watch

For our money, Swiss watchmaker Certina makes some of the best sub-£1000 diving watches around. It’s latest is a moody monochrome number with a cutting azure seconds hand and substance backing up the handsome looks thanks to a power reserve of up to 80 hours, an illuminating hour markers for top-notch visibility in the dark and a strong-as-you-like titanium bracelet.

Buy Now: £830.00

DS Action Diver Powermatic 80

Men With x H&M Leather Jacket

Digital collective Men With is one of the most influential menswear voices on Instagram and its this expertise that has led to a big-ticket collaboration with H&M for a set of eternally stylish pieces that will last season after season. This cropped, pile-lined leather jacket is a highlight.

Buy Now: £69.99

Pile-collared biker jacket

Palace Skateboards x Reebok Pro Workout Sneakers

The sole Brit in the skatewear meets streetwear triumvirate (alongside Supreme and Stussy), Palace has teamed up with compatriot Reebok for its latest drop. The updated take on the Pro Workout is tackled in three different colours that are perfect for kickflips or just impressing your mates at the pub with your hypebeast hawking knowledge.

Buy Now: £98.00

Palace Skateboards x Reebok Pro Workout Sneakers

Arket Japanese Selvedge Denim Jeans

A true litmus test for quality on the high street, Arket is casting its eye on jeans for the coming season with a selection of pieces crafted out of Japanese selvedge denim, the gold standard for the fabric, or should that be indigo standard. This pair come in a loose fit, with a slightly tapered leg.

Buy Now: £99.00

LOOSE Raw Selvedge Jeans

Marks & Spencer Cross Body Bag

The crossbody bag has become such a monolithic sartorial concern now, that even brands which have existed for 135 years are given the trend its dues. The version at Marks & Spencer is more practical than other choices out there thanks to an all-black, scuff-resistant design that should see it withstand the trials and tribulations of your next festival weekender.

Buy Now: £15.00

M&S COLLECTION Pro-Tect™ Scuff Resistant Cross Body Bag

G.H. Bass Harris Tweed Weejuns Shoes

Like Champagne and Parma Ham, you can’t actually make Harris Tweed anywhere outside of the islands of the Outer Hebrides in north Scotland. Taken by this dedication to craftsmanship, tip-top shoemaker G.H.Bass has dolled up its iconic Weejuns shoes with the fabric for some of the fanciest shoes man can wear.

Buy Now: £145.00


Quiksilver Corduroy Hoody

We’ve seen corduroy all over the menswear shop this year from straight leg trousers to overshirts, but the modest hoody has stayed relatively cord-free. That is until surfwear brand Quiksilver came along with its corduroy capsule and showed us what we’ve been missing, namely a velvety piece of menswear that will turn heads, whether you’re kicking it back on the sofa or the front row at fashion week.

Buy Now: £70.00

Corduroy - Corduroy Hoodie

John Smedley Merino Wool Shirt

Maker of some of the best knitwear known to man, John Smedley has continued its high standards with its AW edit. We’re particularly taken with this moisture-wicking merino wool knitted shirt, that’s designed to be completely buttoned up thanks to a formal stand collar.

Buy Now: £220.00

Regard In Vantage Blue

Braun 8390cc Electric Shaver

The Braun Series 7 electric shaver is one of the most popular around, but the German conglomerate isn’t one to rest on its laurels. This new shaver from the series comes with 20 percent more battery power, a handy and hygienic cleaning and charging station, and a nifty foil head that adapts to your beard density. Everything you need for your closest electric shave yet.

Buy Now: £179.99

Braun Series 8 8390cc Next Generation, Electric Shaver

New & Lingwood Silk Tie

Handmade out of silk, this fine neckpiece from New & Lingwood is a real old-school beauty with an elaborate print that looks like it has come straight out of a 1950s smoking room. It’s proof that if you want to dress up, there’s no stylish statement quite like a knock-out tie.

Buy Now: £125.00

Navy Flass Self Tipped Silk Tie

Quay Australia Sunglasses

Heading to warmer climes this summer? Channel the ’60s and style icons Michael Caine and Jack Nicholson with these chunky square sunglasses from Quay Australia. Just make sure you’re prepared for the envious glances around the resort.

Buy Now: £38.00


The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid And B5 Hydration Formula

Hyaluronic acid is the not-so-secret weapon you need to bring into your grooming routine. It’s skin-smoothing and hydrating powers are unrivalled, made even more effective when combined with vitamin B5, as in this formula from The Ordinary which should plump up your skin and take years off your face. To use, just squeeze a couple of drops into your daily moisturiser and be on your way, younger-looking face in tow.

Buy Now: £5.90

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid And B5 Hydration Formula

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The Complete Guide To Techwear

Hobbs & Shaw, the latest going-to-cross-a-billion instalment in the neverending Fast & Furious series, is many things. Loud. Ludicrous. Lacking in even a basic respect for Newton’s laws of motion. But it’s also an ode to a very particular, very nerdy strain of menswear.

When costume designer Sarah Evelyn needed clothes that conveyed just how ready her main characters were to get shit done, she trussed up foes-turned-bros Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson in Acronym, the near-mythical techwear brand founded in 1994 by Errolson Hugh.

Hobbs & Shaw

Those not yet immersed in Hugh’s tao of techwear may recognise the preternaturally young-looking designer for his bad-ass roundhouse kicks. But he’s even defter with a sewing machine. His clothes look like something you might wear to assassinate a future robot president, the utility trend taken to obsessive levels of detail.

They are also as hard to get hold of as a man who assassinates future robot presidents, by dint of both their price (its trousers can set you back a grand) and the fact that by the time one of its extremely limited-edition drops arrives online, or in one of its handful of retail partners, John Mayer or sci-fi author William Gibson or, yes, Jason Statham will probably have bought it all.

This culty, insiders-only aspect is one of the reasons that Acronym – and techwear more widely – has an intense and vociferous online community. In forums like superfuture, Reddit’s /techwearclothing, or in the comments of Instagram accounts like @ACRHIVE, men (and it’s a look monopolised by men) share pictures of themselves dressed like they’re about to parachute into Helmand Province, and compare notes on how different fabrics stand-up in particular weather.

What Is Techwear?

“I’m sure there are lots of definitions of what techwear is,” says Charlie Haywood, from Brighton-based menswear store (and one of only a few Acronym stockists) Peggs and Son. “But for us it is the blending of modern, man-made materials with advanced construction techniques, to create a new form of functionality. Think GORE-TEX PRO 3L and taped seams, laminated zips and ergonomic panelled construction.”

Stone IslandStone Island

This last point is important. To the untrained, techwear can look like a more pocket-loving offshoot of the kind of drapey, all-black clothing the Rick Owens and Yohji Yamamoto acolytes were wearing at the start of the decade. But techwear’s defined less by an aesthetic and more by an obsession – from both designers and wearers – with practicality.

“People are drawn to trends that offer a practical element,” says Fanny Moizant, co-founder of luxury resale marketplace VestiareCollective, who adds that sales for Stone Island (another big brand for techwear fans) are up 200 per cent. “The materials allow for breathability and temperature control, making them super-versatile, and they can be adapted for city life. Combining utility features with a cool aesthetic is something people want to buy into. It’s inclusive and adaptive.”

In that, it has certain overlaps with other real world-ready ways of getting dressed, like gorp- and warcore. But it also goes a lot further than just wearing a Patagonia fleece over your suit. Among Hugh’s many sartorial inventions are the ‘Sound Forcelock’ – a magnetic collar strip that holds your earphones – and a ‘Gravity Pocket’, which stores your phone in your sleeve and can drop it straight it into your hand. It’s clothing that draws on things that will keep you alive in the wilderness to make living in the urban sprawl more manageable.


“Hold an Acronym jacket in your hand and you can see the level of thought that goes into not only how it will keep you protected from the elements, but also how the wearer might use it,” says Haywood. “When it is done well, it is more like engineering than clothes design.”

The Techwear Look

A scroll through Hugh’s Instagram (he moonlights as his brand’s go-to model) or the #acrhive hashtag offers a techwear primer – mostly black, lots of layering and as many straps and pockets as you can get your hands on. But this is techwear taken to its Instagram-friendly extremes, and you don’t need to go full techno-ninja to pull it off.

“You can go full head-to-toe if that’s your thing,” says Haywood, “but as the trend can trace its lineage back to outdoor gear, you can easily just incorporate a jacket into a look.”

guerrilla group the north face isaora

In fact, as inaccessible as it might seem, techwear is actually surprisingly simple to integrate into a wardrobe built around menswear’s core elements. “It has its roots firmly planted in three of the main pillars: sportswear, the military, and outdoor gear,” says Haywood. “That widens its appeal hugely as the jumping-off points are familiar.”

It can be as simple as subbing in a pair of Nike ACG cargo pants for your joggers, or swapping your bomber for a Stone Island Shadow Project hooded jacket.

Urban Ninja

The in-with-both-feet approach to techwear is half ronin, half replicant: think layering, drape and lots of stuff-friendly pockets. There aren’t many grey areas in total techwear – literally, almost everything’s all black – which means you need to play with silhouette to stand out. That doesn’t mean weird cuts for the sake of it (remember, techwear’s about practicality) but rather things like carrot cut trousers, which aid mobility without creating a trip hazard, or asymmetric pockets positioned for easier access.


Tonal Layering

You can keep the monochrome look, but lose the intensity of the special forces-looking stuff, by lightening up a bit. Greys, browns or even olive greens keep things muted, but are a touch more accessible than all-black. To keep it techwear, make sure to bake in practicality with things like heat-trapping layers near your skin, and pocket-heavy outerwear over the top.

Arcteryx VeilanceArcteryx Veilance

A Touch Of Techwear

The beauty of techwear is that you can add as much or as little as you like. Mixing traditional fabrics like wool with something more space-age, like GORE-TEX or poly-blends, gives even fairly traditional looks a bit of a futuristic feel. And when in doubt, just add pockets: chinos become cargos; a chore coat becomes an M65 field jacket.

C.P. CompanyC.P. Company

8 Techwear Brands To Add To Your Wardrobe


Hugh’s Acronym is both techwear’s original brand and its lodestar – where he goes, others tend to follow. His obsession with detail is legendary, perhaps encapsulated best by his re-engineered pocket – based on a parallelogram, it drops to a point at the bottom so that keys and change are kept separate from things that they can scratch, like phones or sunglasses.

Acronym E-J2 - click to buy Acronym P16-AS - click to buy Acronym X Nike Air Presto - click to buy

NikeLab ACG

Until 2018, Hugh was also the man behind All Conditions Gear, Nike’s techwear sub-label. It’s now helmed by James Arizumi, who’s taken the brand in a more outward bound direction, but Hugh’s DNA remains in its mashing up of the technical innovations from all Nike’s other divisions – sweat-wicking fabrics, React sole cushioning, deluge-ready GORE-TEX – for pieces that work in the city and beyond.

NIKE ACG JACKET W - click to buy Nike ACG hoodie - click to buy NIKE ACG Trail Panelled Ripstop Trousers - click to buy NIKE ACG REACT TERRA GOBE - click to buy

Adidas Y-3

The Three Stripes’s Yohji Yamamoto-helmed sub-line reworks his signature black-and-drapey aesthetic in an athletic context, with a focus on innovative fabrics and construction. Arguably most apparent in the brand’s sneakers, the techwear vibe also appears in things like its ergonomic backpacks.

Y-3 OVERSIZE VARSITY LOGO TRACK TOP - click to buy Y-3 YOHJI LETTERS HOODIE - click to buy Y-3 CLASSIC CUFFED JOGGERS - click to buy Y-3 KAIWA - click to buy


The Brooklyn-based brand couples techwear’s practicality with an under-the-radar design ethos – think commuter chinos with in-built stretch and water resistance, or reinvented jeans made from Strongtwill, a nylon blend softer, tougher and longer-lasting than denim. Looks good, too.

Outlier F.CLOTH HARD SHIRT - click to buy Outlier RAMIENORTH PIVOT - click to buy Outlier SLIM DUNGAREES - click to buy Outlier FUTUREWORKS - click to buy

Burton Analog

The snowboard brand’s boundary-breaking offshoot was one of Hugh’s early clients when Acronym was still a design agency. It’s still one of the most innovative labels in extreme sports, the first place to find the newest GORE-TEX fabrics married to Hugh-like details like headphone clips and quick-access pockets.

Burton Analog Chainlink Anorak - click to buy Burton Analog Sparkwave Jacket - click to buy Burton Analog Gunstock Jacket - click to buy Burton ANALOG MORTAR Pant - click to buy


The Ukrainian brand is best known for its wrapping parka, which is slathered in removable pockets and can be flipped between a hip-length jacket and a knee-length parka jacket depending on the weather conditions. Aesthetic-wise, it lands firmly in the dystopian end of the the techwear spectrum – part apparel, part sci-fi cosplay.


Stone Island Shadow Project

Stone Island’s skunk works is helmed by – who else? – Errolson Hugh, who keeps the Italian sportswear giant’s lab techs on their toes in the search for ever more innovative clothesmaking techniques. Think ‘Articulation Tunnels’, which let you adjust the shape of a garment on the fly, or dyeing techniques that give jackets an iridescent shimmer.

Stone Island 20214 CATCH POCKET T-SHIRT - click to buy Stone Island 506A2 TURTLENECK KNIT - click to buy Stone Island 60406 INVERT BOMBER JACKET - click to buy Stone Island 30408 WIDE TROUSERS - click to buy

The North Face

Techwear for those who don’t want to go too deep down the rabbithole, North Face has you covered for any-weather fabrics and practical design details, albeit without all that cyberpunk styling. Stick to black, though, and its layers and jackets will integrate nicely with even the more directional stuff.

The North Face KATAVI PARKA - click to buy The North Face DENALI FULL ZIP FLEECE - click to buy The North Face THERMOBALL ECO PACKABLE GILET - click to buy The North Face BASE CAMP FUSE BOX - click to buy

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